10 horror movies to watch if you liked Bird Box


In 2018, Netflix released its horror hit Bird box, which followed the story of a group of survivors trying to make their way through a world inexplicably overrun by monsters that kill everyone who looks at them, forcing what’s left of the world to reorganize around the threat.

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Updated July 16, 2021 by Mark Birrell: The best films like Bird Box are those that treat the element of threat the same, keeping the tension of a razor sharp for audiences throughout the story not to mention its impact on the drama of the story. There are many similar films that make this impending terror illicit, whether they are classic-themed monster movies or sci-fi glimpses of a dark and near future, and many of them are available to stream from major subscription services like Netflix.

ten Invisible Man (2020)

Elisabeth Moss The Invisible Man Horror Movie Leigh Whannell Universal

● Available on Cinemax

One of the other big sensory-themed horror hits of recent years is Blumhouse’s modern take on the classic Universal Monsters hit. The invisible Man, starring Elisabeth Moss in one of her best movie roles.

Fans who liked how Bird box cleverly treated with an evil force that cannot be seen by the main characters will likely find a similar appeal in the film’s spooky thrills, not to mention the performances.

9 Shhh (2016)

● Available on Netflix

Silence tells the story of a deaf writer left alone in the woods when they are then the prey of a killer whom she cannot hear prowling around her house.

Silence will be an interesting experience for Bird box fans because it’s an enemy the protagonist can’t hear as opposed to one that can’t be seen, but the film’s use of suspense is universally awesome.

8 A Quiet Place (2018)

A quiet place

● Available on Fubo TV

A quiet place stars John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as two parents who do their best to protect their children from a monstrous alien enemy who hunts with their very precise hearing.

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With survivors of this post-apocalyptic world having to base their lives on making as little noise as humanly possible, this creates an interesting contrast to Bird boxof the world without sight while using the family drama in an equally effective way.

7 Don’t Breathe (2016)

● Available on Fubo TV

Turning the home invasion movie on its head, Don’t breathe revolves around a blind man who stalks a group of thieves who break into his house, his deadly skills seeming almost supernatural.

The suspense of Don’t breathe will be a big plus for Bird box fans, the film devoting most of its energy to remaining unpredictable with many shocking graphic moments.

6 The Road (2009)

● Available on Pluto TV and Prime Video

The road stars Viggo Mortensen as a father traveling through post-apocalyptic America with his son in search of some sort of hope or security, finding little of either in what has to be one of the toughest futures portrayed in a sci-fi movie.

There are no otherworldly creatures in the story but fans of Bird box won’t be unhappy with the performance or survival aspects of this ruthless and ultimately magnificent tale.

5 The Mist (2007)

● Available for purchase on Prime Video

Mist follows a group of trapped people in a supermarket as an ominous haze surrounds them. This not only takes away their field of vision, but also blinds them to the bloodthirsty monsters lurking inside.

There is a distinct quality of Stephen King in survivors of Bird boxof the world, with the exceptional set of Mist highlighting this better than perhaps any other movie, the most heartbreaking horror often coming from the decisions of the human characters.

4 He Comes at Night (2017)

Travis holding a lantern in the woods at night in It Comes at Night

● Available on Netflix

It comes at night is a post-apocalyptic survival film in which two families try to live in the same isolated house to avoid the worst of a world ravaged by a mysterious plague. Their inability to trust each other, however, leads to the real horror of the story.

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Fans of Bird box Will love the intensity of this movie, with the drama and thrilling scares of an equally high caliber. Much of the danger that unfolds in the imaginations of the characters and the audience is another interesting similarity between the two.

3 Julia’s Eyes (2010)

Julia with bandages on her eyes in Julia's Eyes (2010)

● Available on AMC +

There is no great apocalypse story at the heart of Julia’s eyes. In fact, it’s a small-scale mystery story with a protagonist dealing with gradual loss of sight, which makes it all the more gripping in the search for a vicious murderer.

There are supernatural elements at work in the story as per its clear allusions to Italian thrillers Giallo and their invisible, black-gloved killers, but it’s actually the strong emotional and romantic elements that are what Bird box fans are most likely to appreciate it here.

2 Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Dawn of the Dead 2004

● Available for purchase on Prime Video

A remake of George A. Romero’s zombie classic of the same name, Dawn of the Dead energized the genre like only director Zack Snyder could, amplifying the action and speeding up the zombies to searing effect.

Blood and bullets might seem a bit too much for one Bird box fan, but the film faithfully adheres to the core group survival dynamic at play in Romero’s original zombie films and the beginning of Snyder’s vision on the zombie apocalypse was a big inspiration to follow the films. of the end of the world.

1 28 days later (2002)

Cillian Murphy in 28 days later

● Available on Paramount +

This essential zombie flick has overturned many conventions of the genre while respecting the core tenets of the genre. This is the movie that first popularized the now-standard fast-paced type of zombies before they appeared in Snyder’s. Dawn of the Dead and the emblematic opening of 28 days later is oddly similar to a scene at the start of the very popular Walking Dead comics.

Post-apocalyptic survival movies aren’t much more brutal and intense than 28 days later and Bird box fans will revel in the relentless chaos of the film world.

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