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For a original christmas present, have you thought of a graphic novel? With attention to detail, from line to color to binding, they combine culture and entertainment. They are often a tribute to great and very great people whose stories would not have been told otherwise; or at least not in this way, with the design which accompanies the words or in certain cases precedes them, going so far as to replace them. Once upon a time you were just calling “comicsToday they have gained in dignity. Because they are in fact graphic novels capable of enclosing a whole world in an image. Here are the ones we have chosen for the Christmas gifts 2021.

Graphic novel to offer for Christmas: Periferica – Stories on the edge

Peripheral. Stories to the limit

A collection of stories produced between 1974 and 1980, some of which in collaboration with screenwriters Fabrizio Ostani (alias Jerry Kramsky) and Antonio Tettamanti, Lorenzo Mattotti gives us back the intensity with which he lived these days of hope, fear and revolt: “Periferica” ​​then becomes the key to understanding the stylistic and personal evolution of a great artist, who in this delivered He tells himself not only through his comics of the time, but also in a series of reflections written today, to tell the days of yesterday (Rizzoli Lizard).

Comic book gift for Christmas: Sunset Blue

Sunset blue


€ 20.90

The Last Frontier of Space Exploration becomes the backdrop for a poignant and fun love story (and more). After “There is room for everyone” and “Luna 2069” comes “Blue sunset”, the new book by Leo Ortolani produced in collaboration with the Italian Space Agency. The protagonist is an astronaut on a mission, far from Earth and whose only company is a hallucination in the form of Nicolas Cage. His dream is to find life on Mars. Impossible or…? (Feltrinelli Comics)

Graphic novel to offer for Christmas: Brillo – The Egg War

Brillo. Egg war

The character of Brillo was born on the pages of “Linus” in the mid-90s, during the Japanese experience of its creator, Igort. It is a series, immediately appreciated by readers, in which homage is paid to the comic strip of ancient times: little men, represented as puppets (see “Maus”) suffer and are confronted with the dramatic reality of war. . The village of Fafifurnia – Igort’s homage to Buzzati from “The famous invasion of bears in Sicily” – is shaken by a war that has lasted for 7 years: here the story is told, for the first time in full edition (Oblomov) .

Graphic novel to offer for Christmas: Nippon

Revelation of Italian comics and rare female presence in a world still dominated mainly by men, formidable colourist and master of invention, Elisa Menini revisits the Japanese iconographic tradition of Hokusai and Hiroshige in the sense of manga. The Nippon Folklore box set brings together its three volumes devoted to the legends of the Rising Sun, keeping together the original contemporary sign of the author, in the sense of the manga, mixed with the iconographic tradition of Hokusai and Hiroshige, fundamental references for her. Must-see (Oblomov).

Graphic novel to offer for Christmas: Dawn at dusk – A story illustrated by Franco Battiato

Franco Battiato. Dawn to dusk

Lizard Rizzoli

€ 37.05

Not quite a graphic novel, but it’s such a delight that leaving it out would have been a shame. To console the orphans of the Maestro, full of illustrations, images, memories, more or less illustrious contributions, all written, drawn or shot with the heart: from Alice to Morgan to Franco Zanetti, to Oliviero Toscani (Rizzoli Lizard).

Graphic novel to offer for Christmas: Geist maschine – A story about what happened in the future

Geist Maschine Volume 1

bao edition

€ 21.00

LRNZ, award-winning Lorenzo Ceccotti and beloved ‘Golem’ author, returns to bookstores with the eagerly awaited debut volume of ‘Geist Maschine’, the start of a spectacular trilogy, both naturalistic and technological: the story of three of the children trying to survive a post-apocalypse that has reduced human settlements and disrupted nearly every national government, making much of the world a dangerous no-man’s land. Passionate and Terribly Authentic (Bao Publishing)

Graphic novel to offer for Christmas: the scribbles of Maicol & Mirco – No!

No. Maicol & Mirco scribbles

Bao editions

€ 13.30

Fifth volume of the Opera Omnia’s complete collection of “Scarabocchi di Maicol & Mirco”, a unique phenomenon of its kind, which escapes genres and definitions. The painful efficacy of the analysis of the existence of authors becomes very sharp, moving the reader and increasing his awareness through small and “simple” drawings which have only an innocuous appearance. The edition uses a book design researched by LRNZ and, in this volume, the introduction is by the writer and television and radio presenter Andréa Delogu, who also contributes to one of his drawings (Bao Publishing).

Graphic novel to offer for Christmas: Nothing new on the Rebibbia front

Nothing new on the Rebibbia front

bao edition

€ 17.10

A collection of stories, of a hundred unpublished pages, in which the famous Zerocalcare tackles important subjects, before allowing itself a long personal parenthesis. From the condition of the prisoners at the start of the pandemic, to the importance of local health care, from the theme of the “culture of cancellation” to the travel report in Iraqi Kurdistan, this weighty volume does not rule out the reader. In the final story, the author tells about the doubts and anxieties of the last year, during which the world wondered about the future and he tried to figure out once and for all what to do when he would be. large (Bao Publishing).

Comic book gift for Christmas: Black Heart

If it is true that Jacques de Loustal and Philippe Paringaux form the golden couple of French comics, published all over the world for 40 years, then “Black Heart” is an essential work for fans of comic book history. , a real and clean immersion in a fascinating and nocturnal world. This precious volume, in particular, includes unpublished novels or until now published only in magazines, “Hearts of sand”, “Barney and the blue note”, “A romantic boy”, “Kid Congo”, “Le sang des villains ”, and is enriched by a long interview with the authors which retraces the stages of their original original story, characterized by a relationship between the text and the image which constitutes its unmistakable trademark, and which has produces real masterpieces of comics (Oblomov).

Graphic novel to offer for Christmas: Elettra



€ 13.78

What happens when you move to another house, school, friend? It’s not easy to settle down, especially if you feel a little awkward and awkward, like Elettra, who collects discouragement and idiocy … And then one day she attends a ballet ballet, and everything changes . A tender and hilarious comic strip on the importance of investing, today more than ever, in your passions. From the inspiration of a young author, Brian Freschi, who worked in the theater before arriving at the screenplay; and the happy stroke of Elena Triolo, Tuscan illustrator and designer (Il Castoro).

Comics to offer at Christmas: Gauloises

A cool-toned black, illustrated by Andrea Serio (compulsive pastellist, cover artist, designer and, if necessary, painter) and written by Igort (prolific author of award-winning graphic novels, director, illustrator and publisher; here “only” writer) , where a Milan dominated by fog (and blood) serves as the backdrop for an intriguing and evocative black, as intriguing as a great classic and as chilling as a Russian thriller (Oblomov).

Comics to offer for Christmas: Knit, knit, knit! – A comic guide to knitting

Knit, knit, knit! A comic guide to knitting. With video tutorial


€ 19.00

Original comic guide in honor of knitting, an increasingly widespread and transversal phenomenon, not just feminine: from the creativity of Sara Menetti, a book to explain in a clear and intriguing way all the tips and secrets to try out gentler of the arts, perfect for Christmas and for the winter cold, from which it is possible – whether one is an apprentice or an expert – to learn to defend oneself with originality and imagination (Feltrinelli Comics).

Graphic novel to offer for Christmas: Prophets of the forties – Epiphany

Epiphany. The Quarantine Prophets

Editor Franco Panini

€ 15.20

Quarantine prophets. Fragile future

Harper collins

€ 18.05

Original joint operation of two publishers: the first, HarperCollins, publishes a novel (in this case the subtitle is “Fragile Future”). The second, Panini, a graphic novel (“Epiphany”). The two stories, both dedicated to the prophets of their forties, are linked but not identical … As for the comic strip, since our attention is now focused on it, the screenplay is by Fabio Guaglione and Luca Speranzoni, while the drawings and covers are entrusted to the talent of Giovanni Timpano in the colors of Daniele Rudoni. And the plot? Captivating and disturbing: In the United States, some people suddenly start to disappear in the near future. There is a rumor that they are being deported to a maximum security institution, which everyone is talking about but which officially does not exist. These people are also said to be able to influence the minds of others and see beyond time and space. Some call them Prophets… (HarperCollins, Panini).

Graphic novel to offer for Christmas: Poer nano

Dwarf Poer and other stories

Perrone editor

€ 19.00

Unmissable sui generis graphic novel that recovers and pays homage to the unparalleled imagination of Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo, activist, theatrical, satirical and unscrupulous showman, master in the use of irony to undress and mock power and oppression, using all the tools of mockery, from obscene jokes to dialect jokes, from theatrical performances to writing. In poer dwarf, enriched with illustrations by his son Jacopo Fo, a similar artist and heir to the spirit of Dario, the two authors stage subversive stories in their lightness, where religion, patriotism, masters are without hesitation mocked, shown in their smallness and thus minimized (editor Perrone).

Graphic novel to offer for Christmas: That was our deal

It was our business


€ 15.20

Captivating story of friendship, determination and wonder, about a group of friends determined to uncover the truth within a legend, following a magical path of illuminated lanterns along the river. In a phantasmagoria of events reminiscent of the animation of Studio Ghibli and Cartoon Saloon, with picaresque episodes and a dreamlike resolution capable of evoking a feeling of vertigo. Also suitable for very young readers, from 11 years old (Il Castoro).

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