75 Best LGBTQ Movies of All Time


Gay icon and queen of the counterculture, John Waters wrote, directed, produced, narrated, filmed and edited 1972’s “Pink Flamingos”, a film about “the dirtiest person in the world” and the first installment of his ” Trash Trilogy” (via Geek’s Lair). Drag queen Divine plays the role of a criminal named Divine, who recently won the title of “the dirtiest person in the world”. The Marbles (David Lochary and Mink Stole) decide that they or they want this honor, so they start a war with Divine to see who is the dirtiest of them all.

There’s Shocking, and then there’s John Waters… plus Divine. If one definition of being queer is being outside of “acceptable” society and writing the rules for yourself, then “Pink Flamingos” is the weirdest movie ever made. Waters pushes the boundaries in every way possible, and as he said The Guardian, “Pornography was just starting to be legal…So I tried to think of things that weren’t illegal in theaters yet, but should be.” Apart from its shocking aspects, “Pink Flamingos” is deeply funny. It’s absurd, strange, often incomprehensible, and yet it clearly comments on the absurd, strange, and incomprehensible rules that make up the fabric of society by completely unraveling that fabric and then setting it on fire (and other things we can’t not write here).

“Pink Flamingos” is hard to digest – maybe it’s the despicable film – but its unwavering commitment to itself, with Divine as its face, makes it deeply queer and an LGBTQ+ classic.


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