Ablaze unveils artbook and manga releases for December 2021



Eclectic comic book publisher ABLAZE will release a trio of special titles in December with a pair of beautifully illustrated hardcover art books – THE UNIVERSE OF THE DRAGON and THE WORLD OF FAIRIES – and a 6-volume box set for the apocalyptic action series – CAGASTER. These books will make unique and appropriate gift ideas this holiday season and go on sale through Diamond partner retailers as well as online channels on December 22.sd.

Cover courtesy of ABLAZE Publishing

THE UNIVERSE OF THE DRAGON through Olivier Ledroit and Laurent Souillé

MSRP: $ 29.99

Release Date: December 22

Dragons. They reign above the eternal snows or at the bottom of the abyss… They are marvelous, magical, malicious creatures… But where do these winged creatures with sparkling scales and formidable claws come from?

The result is this illustrated encyclopedia, which combines an extraordinary story of dragons with gorgeous, colorful art that captures every majestic and fearsome detail of these marvelous scaly behemoths.

This collection of illustrations on the theme of dragons brings together renowned illustrators and comic book authors from all over the world: French, English, Danish, Spanish, Italian, American, Canadian … John howe, designer of The Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia, To Todd lockwood, illustrator of Dungeons & Dragons, and Olivier Ledroit, creator of the Chronicles of the Black Moon, and Adrien smith, one of the authors of War hammer, and more… They pooled their talents in a Tolkien-style universe where dragons coexist, fight Dwarves, Orcs, Elves and Humans…

ABLAZE unveils artbook and manga releases for December 2021
Cover courtesy of ABLAZE Publishing

THE WORLD OF FAIRIES by various artists

MSRP: $ 24.99

Release Date: December 22

Our world is inhabited by mysterious and elusive spirits: Elves and Faes. Once these proofs are accepted, we still have to recognize them, approach them, and sometimes be wary of them… Illustrator Olivier Ledroit used all of his skills to approach them, sketch them out, and deliver this comprehensive guide to the most remarkable Faes and Elves.

The fairy universe offers readers the keys to a magical and poetic world through hundreds of drawings by Ledroit, spread over stunning watercolor and pencil double pages, with enlightening words from Ledroit and the writer / colleague Laurent Souillé.

ABLAZE unveils artbook and manga releases for December 2021
Courtesy of éditions ABLAZE

CAGASTER FLIGHTS. SET OF 1-6 BOXES through Kachou Hasimoto

MSRP: $ 29.99

Release Date: December 22

It is 2125, and a strange plague called “Cagaster” appears. One in a thousand people are infected with this disease, which turns humans into monstrous cannibalistic insects. Two-thirds of humanity is wiped out … 30 years later, Kidow, a young expert insect exterminator and mercenary adventurer, and his new friend Ilie struggle to survive in this brutal new world while exploring the mysteries of the plague and of its causes.

Kidow is tasked with finding Ilie’s mother after being entrusted to her by her dying father. Meanwhile, the battle continues to rage against Earth’s mutant population, with the code perhaps cracked to finally end the nightmare. Cagaster is a thrilling shonen adventure set in a strange apocalyptic universe, somewhere between Mad Max and The attack of the Titans.

Posted by Tokuma Shoten in Japan, Cagaster was adapted into an animated series by Gonzo Animation titled Cagaster of an insect cage edited by Koichi Chigira (Tokyo Babylon, Full Metal Panic !, Last Exile) and is now streaming on Netflix!

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