All three Strike Back reboots explained (and why they happened)


Strike Back spans eight seasons, but it also had three distinct eras with three different cast. Here’s every reboot of the series explained.

Here is each era of the action series Counter attack Explain. Counter attack is based on the novel of the same name by Chris Ryan, and follows the various shootings and car chases of the British Section 20 unit as they take down terrorist groups. The show essentially carries the spirit of an action movie from the 1980s and has won fans for its awe-inspiring settings and the chemistry between its cast. The series was also famous for dragging the cast members of Game of thrones to play the mean guests.

Counter attack lasted for eight seasons, although it spanned three separate eras. The first season debuted in 2010 and was directed by Richard Armitage as John Porter and The Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln as his boss. This six-episode season saw Porter hunt down a terrorist group while uncovering the truth behind the deaths of his men in a raid years before. Counter attack turned out to be a success and was anchored by Armitage’s charisma. For a series produced in the UK, he also did a good job with the action scenes.

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Counter attack ended on a cliffhanger for Porter, and a second season was quickly lit. Season 2 Dawn project would however speed up some major changes, Cinemax becoming a co-producer with Sky, while Armitage was unable to commit due to its signing for The Hobbit trilogy. He returned for an appearance in the first episode where he was killed by the new villain, and the series then turned into something of a buddy comedy between Philip Winchester’s Stonebridge and Sullivan Stapleton’s Scott.

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While it was a shame to lose Armitage, the Scott / Stonebridge version of Counter attack is easily the most loved. The actors have great chemistry and the show dramatically increased the reach and action of the globetrotters. While some seasons were stronger than others, it was never less than entertaining and also featured memorable villains, like Charles Dance’s Conrad Knox or Michelle Yeoh’s Li-Na. The show first ended with Season 5 – although viewers didn’t have to wait long for the next iteration.

The last era of Counter attack started with 2017 Punishment, which saw Section 20 regroup with four new main characters. There’s Mac (Warren Brown), Gracie (Alin Sumarwata), Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson, The Shannara Chronicles) and Reynolds by Roxanne McKee. It took a little while for the audience to warm up to the new group after Scott and Stonebridge came out, and it didn’t help Punishment is arguably the weakest season of the entire series. That said, he found his place halfway, and the next series Revolution was a huge improvement.

Roxanne McKee did not return for this series, which also added Jamie Bamber’s new boss Coltrane to the set. Better writing and tweaking what didn’t work out about the previous season made a much better show, and the Mac / Gracie / Wyatt Counter attack would last two more seasons before ending – again – in 2020. The show appears to be over for now, although it will undoubtedly reboot again in the future. We also talk about a Scott and Stonebridge Counter attack movie, although that hasn’t happened yet.

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