Alphabetica: A Satire on Majoritarianism


New Delhi: Author Kaushik Roy, while visiting Jaipur Literature Fest 2022, spoke exclusively to ABP News to talk about his book Alphabetica: A satire of majoritarianism.

To give you a brief overview, Alphabetica is a satirical fictional story that features the letters of the alphabet as “characters” who live on the planet named “Typewriter”, in a country called “Alphabetica”.

The book presents vowels as minority and consonants as majority in a fictional Alphabetica world, taking a sarcastic dig at real-world majorityism.

Speaking about the concept of the book, Roy said he got the idea to write the book after seeing a dream in which he was talking to a person about the ongoing struggle between majority and minority across the world.

He said, while talking to the person (in his dream), Roy told him the same as us, and if 21 consonants out of the 26 alphabets say that we don’t need vowels (five) in our country , how will it work? What will happen to the words? That’s how Roy came up with the script for his book.

During his chat, Roy also said that he conceptualized the idea in 2008, but was able to finish it in 2021. “I’m starting to write the book in 2019 and the best part was the worst time. possible, which was the coronavirus pandemic, became the best possible time for me to finish the book,” Roy said.

Watch the full conversation with author Kaushik Roy here:

Roy also explained that the world of fiction in his book does not only belong to alphabets but also consists of numbers and punctuations etc. and the role of combining them all is ‘&’ (ampersand). “The role of ‘&’ in my book is similar to that of Mahatma Gandhi – who was a symbol of peace, love and harmony,” he said.

The aim of the book is to humanize alphabets, numbers and punctuations so that people can relate to them, Roy said, adding that even in real life, vowels and consonants cannot live separately, as the book shows.

Talking about the purpose of writing the book, Roy said the idea was to change people’s thought process and even if a person after reading the book feels that majority and minority are important to society, his goal will be achieved.

Launched in Kolkata’s Oxford Bookstore in November 2021, Alphabetica conveys the message of inclusivity, optimism and togetherness.


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