At the launch of the book, the author pleads in favor of the culture of reading in children


A 17-year-old author of five books, Ijeoma Benita Nwaogu, lamented the bad habit and culture of reading, especially among her peers in the country, and called on younger people to embrace reading in order to develop talents inherent writing and reading. in them. Ijeoma said that instead of sitting idle at home watching TV or movies or hanging out on social media, they could use that time meaningfully to read or write books. “I want my peers on the outside to know that nothing is impossible, however difficult it may seem.

They must keep striving, no matter the challenges, and must not lose their focus,” she added. Ijeoma gave advice during the public presentation and launch of her three books – “Notes from my Heart”; ‘A Twiddle in Kismet (More Than Just Trust)’; and ‘Dear Diary’ – which took place at St. Jude’s Catholic Church, Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos.

Ijeoma, who wrote her first book at the age of five, recalled that “writing started as a competition between me and my sisters back home.” She added: “From there I fell in love and developed a great passion for writing, listening and telling stories. I loved listening to stories when I was a kid before I could even read. And, when I could read, I started putting words together and writing little stories. With her first book, “The Lost Girl,” she said she was inspired to write all three books because of her concerns about how reading culture is dying among younger people.

“I want through the books to show my peers and make children understand that we are still doing or engaging in useful things,” Ijeoma said. Speaking on the message of one of the books, the young author said that sometimes the fault can come from children, but parents should play an important role in guiding them in order to prevent the problem from happening.

“Therefore, parents should help children solve and overcome problems before they arise,” she noted, while stressing that parents should encourage and motivate their children to reach their potential. A former Dominican College student whose dream is to study medicine, Ijeoma said the pressure of how to balance school life, homework and the literary aspect clashing with science, have been the constraints of his writing. She, however, called on the government and non-governmental organizations to establish book registers and libraries where children could go and engage in reading, and should promote the culture of reading among children.

Ijeoma said, “In addition, the government should also promote programs in schools or churches, among other places, where children could come together to share thoughts and ideas with a view to putting something in writing that they will be able to evoke to write books. “The government should promote writing and reading programs and ambition in children, not just music and entertainment.” Meanwhile, she urged parents not to discourage children but to encourage them to incubate talent in them, saying children should also be guided to read their book instead of sitting idle and watching TV at home. the House.

Book reviewer, Mr. Pelu Awofeso, an author and writer, extolled Ijeoma’s virtues and passion for writing books, saying that it is rare for a child to write and publish three books at once. According to him, “A Twiddle in Kismet” is a play about two families/tribes (Yoruba and Igbo), where the penchant for tribalism played out at the expense of the lives of their two children. However, he advised the author to make the title of his books not too difficult, but simple so that readers immediately connect with the angle of the story without having to resort to a dictionary or other people. for the meaning.

The book reviewer urged Ijeoma not to give up writing despite his dream of studying medicine, which could affect his literary passion, saying, “I am impressed and inspired by the young author. She published her first book when she was only five years old, today she has five books. There is more that children and young people could do to positively impact their generation, as Benita did.


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