Author Cheryl Batavia’s book “Wonders: Poems about Love and Relationships” will fall head over heels in love


Love poems are some of the most enduring works of literature in the world, and author Cheryl Batavia offers readers more than something special in her book “Wonders: Poems about Love and Relationships.”

There’s something extraordinary about love poetry books, and author Cheryl Batavia takes that to the next level with the release of her book “Wonders: Poems about Love and Relationships.”

A great book for those who want to experience all of the fuzzy, feel-good emotions that come with love poems, “Wonders: Poems about Relationships” takes readers on a journey where they can feel the love just by reading the stanzas. through the pages.

“Poetry is one of the deepest ways to express the human journey when encountering love and all that relates to it. In “Wonders” you will find poems full of joy, humor, nostalgia and a true appreciation of the masculine gender. That’s what Wonders: Poems about Love and Relationships is about,” says Cheryl Batavia.

The engaging book presents Cheryl’s life experiences which are reflected in the collection of poems. Rhyming poetry, free verse, narrative poems, limericks and haiku explore Cheryl’s relationships with the men she’s known and loved.

Poetry certainly conveys universal emotions and ideas, and this time Cheryl Batavia presents it through her own lens of a particular moment when she has experienced a rollercoaster of emotions throughout her life. She loved men and felt all the feelings that come with love.

“Both men and women can find something familiar in the poems that makes them say, ‘Yes, I’ve been there!'” says Cheryl. The author brings the challenge – and the fun – into one book, allowing readers to discover poems that resonate with them – ones they can relate to or situations similar to what they are going through.

Along with “Wonders: Poems about Love and Relationships,” Cheryl Batavia wrote both “Hanging Out with Wild Animals,” an environmental-themed poem and photo series that invites readers to explore their places, meet animals and learn about their importance. in people’s lives, and “Life in Inspirational Places” which also features poems and photos about the author’s experiences living in places rich in history and natural beauty.

Cheryl Batavia is a retired teacher who lives with her significant other, Robert Snyder, on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She loves the beach and walking under the stars. Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Washington, DC, and Miami Beach are some of the places she calls home.

Those who want to pick up a copy of “Wonders: Poems about Love and Relationships” can purchase it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository. It’s a great gift for someone special for any occasion.

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