Author Chris Corrente’s new book “Time for a Change” is a fascinating novel about a teenager who inherits his father’s time machine and uses it to his advantage.


Chris Corrente, who was born in Ventura, Calif., Has completed his new book “Time for a Change”: a gripping and powerful novel that follows Isaac, who quickly sells his father’s property to acquire mid-years IPO shares. 1970, suddenly becoming a multimillionaire in today’s timeline.

The young man also inherits the addictive personality of his father. Isaac abuses to the extreme, leading to a hedonistic lifestyle and tragic results. Isaac then decides to help people avoid misfortune. However, the retreat of the space-time continuum often has fatal consequences. After much trial and error, Isaac pursues simpler time travel to find happiness for himself. With his machine, he travels through the ages to win the love of a beautiful woman.

Author Chris Corrente introduces his readers to his main character by writing: “My name is Newton Isaac Tudor, for short Newt, and I am the second traveler this world has ever known. My father, Joseph Tudor, was the first to travel in time, and also the first to die doing what he loved to do. I just returned from my fifth time excursion, which was cut short due to meeting some really mean people. This is a real recording of my ongoing experiences over time. I just spent the last seven months, from March 22, 2015 to October 20, 2015, in an alternate timeline. My uncle and dad built a perfect time machine through decades of hard work. I inherited the machine and intend to use it to find some measure of happiness in my dismal young life.

Posted by Page Publishing, Chris Corrente’s Unique Tale tells the story of Isaac, who, once a loser in high school, learns that with his time machine, there is always time for a change.

Readers who wish to experience this creative work can purchase “Time for a Change” in bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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