Author Christina M. Abt uses output of her six books to raise money for local nonprofit


Western New York author Christina M. Abt, celebrating the release of her sixth book “Money or Love” to October 14, donate one dollar for every book purchased at the nonprofit Mission of Mercy in Buffalo. Donating a portion of the proceeds from her book is a tradition Abt started after publishing her first book in 2005, and since then she has donated to another nonprofit every time she publishes a new book.

Christina M. Abt.

Abt said she chose to donate the proceeds from her next novel to St Luke’s Mission of Mercy in part because it was making an appearance in her next novel. One of the main characters, a woman seeking personal fulfillment after the death of her partner, expresses the joy and purpose she found as a volunteer for St Luke’s. Abt first learned about St Luke’s after interviewing the founder of a BuffaloFM / WNY Media Network Buffalo-style feature film. She said, “Once I saw what St. Luke was doing, it was very important to me. She explained that since her book is set in Buffalo and much of her readership is based in Buffalo, it was important for her to give back to this community. She said, “This book is all about Buffalo, so I decided to donate to something in town.”

Abt’s launch party will take place on October 14 at Community Beer Works in Buffalo, another company that appears in “Money or Love”. “It was a labor of love for me at a time when it seemed like we just needed to have fun,” she said of planning for the event. To stay true to the themes of his book, songs about love or money will play while the finger foods are served. There will also be a tater tot bar, personalized cake with the book cover, coffee and an open bar. “The first round is for me,” Abt said of the bar.

At the party, Abt will give a presentation on her novel and the writing process, then she’ll play her version of The Dating Game, where she interviews three hidden candidates, then picks one up for lunch. She said, “It’s to give people the idea that it’s for fun. I’m not doing this to get married. It’s just for fun. ”Tickets for the party are available on her website Those interested in signing up as a participant in Abt’s version of The Dating Game can apply on her website. website.

Those who cannot attend the launch party will still have plenty of chances to meet Abt. On October 12, she will read with five other writers as part of “An Evening with Local Writers” at the Joylan Theater. On October 16, she will give a presentation at the Concord Public Library in Springville. On November 27, she will be reading at The Bookworm in East Aurora. For every book sold at a library event, Abt will donate one dollar to that library, and for every book sold at other events, she will continue to donate one dollar to St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy. .

For more information on Abt and her upcoming events, visit her website or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (@ChristinaMAbt). For more information on Saint Luke’s Mercy Mission, visit their website at


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