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Local author Nancy Glenn Powell will host two book signing sessions on December 3.

Powell will be signing copies of his last three books, “The Doctors Buck”, “When Nightmares Intrude” and “Sid and the Orphans” from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Greenbrier Library and from 2:30 to 2:30 p.m. at the Library. damask. December 3.

Due to COVID, Powell was unable to have book autographs when “When Nightmares Intrude” and “Sid and the Orphans” came out. “The Doctors Buck” is his latest publication.

Powell grew up on a farm in Arkansas with seven siblings. She is very familiar with life and work on the farm, which has enabled her to write about family and rural life with its joys and difficulties. She has 10 published books.

The first three, The Ollie’s Angel series, are based on her mother’s life. “Dark Secrets”, formerly known as “Ollie’s Angels”, is the story of Ollie’s youth; it won first place in the 2010 Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc (OWFI) Mainstream Novel Contest. “Angels for All” took third place in the OWFI Nonfiction Contest 2010. It is the story of a young couple struggling to survive and keep their farm during the years of the Great Depression. “Hear the Angels” shows the love and struggles of a farming family during the drought years following the Great Depression.

“Who Should I Fear”, “Protecting the Innocent” and “Pursued” The Keepers Series are thrillers. These books follow the life of a teenage girl after her parents died – she was kidnapped by a man who planned to sell her in South America and take her inheritance. This fictional series involves murder, mystery and romance.

Powell’s creative non-fiction book, “Where Grass Grows High, And Slavers’ Hounds Don’t Howl” is based on Samuel Glenn’s life and his family’s survival during the Civil War. Samuel was the author’s great-great-grandfather. This book won the 5 Star Readers’ Favorite Award.

The “The Doctor’s Luck” setting takes place during the Great Depression. Young doctor Tom begins his practice in a small town in Arkansas where he expects a good life until he can no longer pay his bills because patients pay with chickens and vegetables. Then a man leaves Betty, his pregnant teenage daughter, in his backyard. Betty, injured as a baby, has the spirit of a 3-year-old. The orphanage is full and no one offers to help – the doctor has a teenage girl who needs a bath, constant care, parental love and discipline. Apart from Rita, the doctor’s housekeeper, everyone is leaving. This book won the 5 Star Readers’ Favorite Award.

Nancy’s ninth book, “Sid and the Orphans,” also won a 5-star award. The time period for this is during the Civil War. Sid, a 15-year-old girl moves to Colorado Territory with a train of wagons to escape the war and help her uncle on his ranch. Sid is a brave girl who can fight and shoot just as well as most men. They encounter hostile Indians, outlaws, and wild animals on the way, and they help orphans on the train as well as after reaching the ranch.

“When Nightmares Intrude” begins in Arkansas and ends in California where Jana goes to live with an aunt and attend college to become a nurse. She arrives broke and hungry in a house with empty cupboards – her aunt has gone to get married. She runs into problems almost every time but doesn’t give up on her education goal. This book has suspense, intrigue and romance.

Nancy has also won awards for short stories and poetry. She is married with two children, a member of the Church of Christ, River Valley Writers of Fort Smith, Arkansas Roundtable Poets, and the Oklahoma Writers Federation (OWFI). She retired from the city of Fort Smith to pursue a career as a writer.


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