Author on book tour visits homeless people and soup kitchens


DELRAY BEACH, Florida – Sounds of the ocean can be heard from this treehouse.

This is where author Frank McKinney says he wrote several books.

“My office is in a treehouse because the little boy in me got carried away about 20 years ago when I built this,” McKinney said. “I never had a treehouse when I was a little boy.”

His most recent book is Aspire!

“Aspiration can alter your DNA and allow you to create your own reality,” he said.

McKinney said he had had tough times when he was younger, but was determined to strive for something more.

“I went to four high schools in four years. I was in a juvenile detention center seven times before I was 18,” McKinney said. “I know all about modifying your DNA.”

The author used to build houses along the waterfront. His own
the emphasis is on writing books.

He’s just finished a book tour, but not a typical book tour. Among its stops are homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

“Twenty-seven locations, in 24 cities in 23 days over nearly 7,000 miles. We create TV stations, radio stations, bookstores, podcasts and print,” McKinney said. “But we stop at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, pantries, juvenile detention centers, institutions for abused women, treatment centers delivering the message of hope.”

His message is, “So what I encourage you to do is choose an aspiration, that desire for something great. . Know that this aspiration will allow you, choose one to modify your DNA. “


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