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Although you have got your hands on a number of licensed properties among your posts, you have a Star Trek t-shirt in your author bio photo. Is it safe to say that Star Trek holds a special place, and how did you come to Star Trek?

Truth be told, my wardrobe is around 50% Star Trek tee-shirts. I was fortunate enough to grow up at a time when CGU was in syndication and played on local TV stations after school and on weekends, so that was a lot. And because Star Trek was one of the few shows the whole family could watch together, I have fond memories of sharing the experience with my parents and grandparents. We would all get something different out of it, but we would all enjoy it in our own way, together. And because Star Trek has always been in the atmosphere, growing and evolving just as I have, I have been able to experience it – and relive it – in a new and old way throughout my life. And now, as an author and editor, I experience the joy of interacting and sharing Star Trek with more fans than I could ever have imagined!

Your next book, Starfleet is … is meant, as the caption says, to celebrate the ideals of the Federation as well as Gene Roddenberry’s vision for humanity. Star Trek fans talk a lot about “Gene’s vision”. What does this mean for you personally?

For me, Roddenberry’s vision is ultimately about hope. It is a universe in which people work for the common good, where science and art are valued more than money. Where compassion, cooperation and the celebration of infinite diversity in infinite combinations move society forward not towards perfection, but towards at least something greater. It is an optimistic belief in the ability of humanity to transcend its self-imposed restrictions to literally and figuratively reach for the stars.

Kenneth Mitchell, who plays several roles in Star Trek: Discovery and lives with ALS, wrote the foreword to Starfleet is … Why was it important to have his words in the book?

I had the chance to get to know Ken during our time together on the official site Star Trek Cruises. His diagnosis of ALS certainly brought the disease to light, but it also gave people the opportunity to see under the layers of dentures and makeup to really see the essentials of who he is: a warm, grounded, hardworking man. , hilarious, brave, and a sincere guy who really appreciates people’s passion for Star Trek. He understands – and has himself demonstrated – that if you are part of the Star Trek orbit, whether as an actor, writer, crew or fan, you are part of a family. A family that may disagree every now and then, but a family that will love and support each other – unconditionally – when prices drop (or the Romulans attack). I knew he would understand what the book‘s mission was, and his bold and beautiful preface proved it. I am extremely grateful that Ken was able to find the time to contribute to the book. I am very proud that a portion of the proceeds in the book goes to ALS research and I am even more proud to consider Ken a friend.

As serious as we can take these things, you can also turn around and write books like Have fun with Kirk and Spock Where Redshirt’s Cursed Little Book. What does it mean for you to take “vision” seriously while finding ways to have fun with it?

I think one of the reasons I can have fun with Star Trek is because my interpretations of the characters and stories always come from a place of deep love and respect. As a fan and a writer, I’m not interested in making fun of anything. I think it’s a lot more interesting and satisfying to look at things from a different perspective. Even though this angle is as sloped as many CGU scenes have been shot! I like to include references and ideas for casuals and superfans, so that they are welcoming and offer something for everyone to have fun and relate to. This is my sixth Star Trek delivered. It was a great honor and privilege that the good people at ViacomCBS not only understood my vision, but trusted me to play a small role in the Star Trek universe.

Who Star Trek the series is your favorite?

I get asked this question a lot at conventions, and my answer always changes depending on my mood, the episode I just watched, the cosplayer I just saw, or even what’s going on in the world. But the real answer is: they are all my favorite because they are all Star Trek.

Finally, what awaits you? Any projects that you would be ready and free to talk about?

I’m very lucky to have a lot of really fun and exciting books coming out next year, but unfortunately I can’t speak to most of them! But right now, I can’t wait to have Live like a Vulcan, love like a wookiee, laugh like a hobbit: life lessons from pop culture, and Star Trek: The Book of Grudge around the world this fall.


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