Beaverton, OR Second World War author, poet and veterinarian publishes sixth book


A Different Sort of Hero, a new book by Patricia R. Liles, has been published by RoseDog Books, Inc.

Erin’s tiny figure was walking away, along the dirt road in the pine forest, carrying a suitcase, which hit Katherine as a last gesture.

Against the backdrop of New Mexico in 1939, Ranger Patrick Murray, upon the death of his wife in childbirth, finds himself with a little girl to be raised in a ranger station in the Rocky Mountains, northwest of Santa Fe. After asking for help from her twin sister, Katherine arrives from North Carolina with the news that her late wife’s parents are coming to take the baby away from her. Encouraged by Katherine’s presence, he takes on his duties, which include a trip to North Carolina nurseries to oversee the transport of delicate pine departures. There, he reunites with his childhood friend, Erin Kelsey, and they plot to save the baby by running away the night before he returns to the guardhouse. It is their secret until it is necessary to protect the infant from the threat. He has sworn to release Erin when there is no more threat.

The wedding is no longer a secret when Erin arrives with her parents for a visit to Mountain View Ranger Station. Ignoring Erin’s love for him, life around Patrick is hectic as he learns the true meaning of love in a place he never wants to leave, and is amazed by Erin’s selfless bravery. .

About the Author
In this sixth book, a romantic thriller, author Patricia R. Liles introduced the life of Ranger Patrick Murray and his special love story.

Liles was from such a family. She left it for urban life with her family at the age of fifteen to serve the following years during World War II. She married her soldier afterwards and had only memories of this childhood. She paints in oils, enjoys arts and crafts, and pets. She studied faithfully for her literary art and has also been published in seven anthologies of poetry. She presents this new book with the hope that each of her loyal readers will enjoy the hours spent reading, far from the worries of the Covid-19 pandemic, the political problems and the unrest of the year 2020.

A Different Sort of Hero is a 220-page paperback with a retail price of $ 17.00 and an eBook ($ 12.00). The ISBN is 978-1-6376-4695-3. It was published by RoseDog Books, Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For members of the press, to request a review copy, visit our virtual pressroom at or to purchase the book visit our online bookstore at https: // rosedogbookstore .com / a-different-sort-of-hero /


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