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They say to write what you know…: And author Susan Coll knows bookstores. She worked at Politics and Prose (5015 Connecticut) from 2011 to 2016, and joined the store as an event consultant last spring. Coll was a published novelist when she joined the team, and she told Washingtonian that she had promised the owners that “she wouldn’t be writing some sort of comedic backstage account of the beloved Connecticut Avenue boutique.” Well guess what? bookish peoplea fictional behind-the-scenes account of a DC bookstore, is now in stores.

Mariachi Son of America performed in front of Muchas Gracias at Art All Night 2021.

Reserve the date(s) for Art All Night: Since its debut in Shaw in 2011, Art All Night has grown to include 20 Main Street neighborhoods and programs. And as you can see from the announcements above and below, two of our main streets in the area are busy preparing two nights of music and dance performances, films, art and entertainment.

Van Ness Main Street celebrates Art All Night on Friday September 23rd and the Tenleytown Main Street event takes place on Saturday September 24th. They lined up artists and exhibitors. They are also looking for volunteers and sponsors who can help bring their Upper Wisconsin and Connecticut Avenue shopping areas to life.


Keep an eye on the Van Ness Main Street and Tenleytown Main Street websites and social media accounts for updates. We will also keep you informed.

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And pizza makes three: I’m Eddie Cano (5014 Connecticut Avenue) is now part of a trio of restaurants by founders Massimo and Carolyn Papetti, following the recent openings of two-door Italian bar at 5008 Connecticut and Roman-style pizzeria In Bocca al Lupo at 2400 Wis. The catering group also has a new business manager who oversees the three teams. Francesco Pescatore, they write, “has originally from Calabria, Italy, and has a rich and diverse resume spanning his time at the helm of kitchens from Abu Dhabi to London to the United States”

Three square meals at the Flavor Garden: The restaurant and bar serving American comfort food at 4400 Connecticut Avenue now also serves breakfast, Tuesday through Sunday starting at 8 a.m. Breakfast offerings include egg sandwiches and omelettes. Another novelty at Flavor Garden: online ordering and delivery via

More reasons to brunch: The Sfoglina Pasta House at 4445 Connecticut is the only one that serves brunch. And the restaurant will add new starters and sweets to its brunch menu from September 10. “Don’t hesitate to start dreaming about it now…” Sfoglina said.

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