Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll meet on stage at Arundel Festival


A PERFECT LOOKING - Ross Muir as Carroll and David Stephens as Dickens
A PERFECT LOOKING – Ross Muir as Carroll and David Stephens as Dickens

They offer A Perfect Likeness – a play by Daniel Rover Singer (Reduced Shakespeare Company) that has never been seen in the UK before, except for their July date in Worthing.

Lone writer and photographer Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) invites famous author Charles Dickens to his Oxford home to pose for a portrait. Dickens is so intrigued by Alice’s whimsical adventures in Wonderland that he accepts.

Two creative souls are exposed, one private and tedious, the other noisy and irreverent. As Dodgson strives to capture a “perfect likeness” of Dickens, Dickens artfully delves into Dodgson’s personal life to get a feel for one of the most curious men he has ever met.

The result is a hilarious and revealing conversation between two eccentric, fascinating and completely different men, promises Ross Muir who will play Lewis Carroll alongside David Stephens as Charles Dickens, directed by Nick Young.

“This is a fascinating piece about a meeting between these two very famous writers that has never been made before in the UK.

“You’re going to love it if you’re a Charles Dickens or Lewis Carroll fan, but you don’t have to be a fan of either to enjoy it.

“These are two very different and fascinating personalities.

“You have Dickens who is the famous author but is getting old now. He has already published many books. He’s established and he’s famous. He is quite loud and irreverent and very direct and has a strong thirst for life. And then you have Charles Dodgson (who wrote under the name Lewis Carroll) who is a rather lonely man who enjoys photographing young girls and writing absurd poetry and who wrote Alice in Wonderland.

“As the play progresses, they become friends. They become close. Neither is what the other expects, but Dickens is a hero to Charles Dodgson who is around 34 in this play, but Dodgson is an extraordinary character, a mixture of that spirit. seriousness and that fanciful artistic sequence.

They have a bit of jousting as you would expect with two characters who are chalk and cheese, but ultimately there is a mutual warmth and respect between them.


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