‘Contamination’: Author Rich Lakhera explores the supernatural fantasy genre with his latest book


After bestselling books like ‘Item Girl’ and ‘Garbage Beat’, author Richa Lakhera returns with an intense and gripping story about the supernatural and horror with a female fighter set in the era current.

”Contamination”, published by OM Books International, is presented as a departure from the supernatural story model divorced from the reality of a fantasy novel.

The journey of the book’s main protagonist, Amba, is the journey of the classic hero – from trials and struggle, to creating allies and enemies, to seeking supernatural help, and finally to crossing the threshold into resurrection and resolution.

”’Contamination” is a realm of supernatural powers in a contemporary setting with mythological creatures, dark forces and their phantasmic-Astras (weapons). It pits modern evil against ancient powers,” the author said in a statement.

”It also explores strained brother-sister relationships and gender power play, the relationship with one’s mentors, envy, pride, lust, greed, cowardice of courage, faith and kindness – and it is about the transformative power of forgiveness. ,” she added.

Her previous books include ‘Item Girl’, a crime novel, and ‘Garbage Beat’, a satire on the Indian entertainment industry.

According to the publisher, the book is a welcome addition to the supernatural genre, and the often over-the-top action is “very visual” and has the potential for “visual adaptation”.

The book has received endorsements from figures such as famous actor Manoj Bajpayee and famous British playwright Farrukh Dhondy.

”The novel ‘Contamination’ is brilliant. Come out. Richa Lakhera writes vividly about villains,” Bajpayee wrote in his eulogy for the book.

It is currently available for sale in offline and online stores.

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