Conwy’s author publishes book on finding a dog’s ‘eternal home’


AN AUTHOR from Conwy recently celebrated the publication of her book telling a true story about giving a dog a new home.

Penelope Gudge published “The Unrehomeable Hero, a Race Against Time and a Gift of Wings” on November 25, 2021 via Olympia Publishers, her first book with the company.

This book reveals the story of Paddy, an incredible crossbreed Welsh Springer Spaniel, who ended up in a rescue center, where for years he fought through thick and thin to find his “forever home”.

Penelope first met her in her role as a volunteer dog walker.

The story describes the inseparable friendships that can be formed between humans and dogs and clearly shows how dogs can help people through dark and stressful times.

A press release accompanying the book’s release said: “Anyone who truly loves dogs will find it descriptive, informative, helpful, sad and extremely happy because together Paddy and his owners worked as a team in a race against time to give him the love, life and joy he deserved.

“It was just long enough for Paddy to shine and show the world how sweet and loving he was.

“Paddy has proven, through unconditional love, that no dog is ever ‘impossible to return’.”

Born in St Helens but having lived in Liverpool for most of her childhood and young adulthood, Penelope was educated at a public girls’ school in the city, where her interest in writing began.

She said: “My companion Labrador at the time, Tara, inspired me as I wrote an essay about her for my 11+ years – she brought me luck!

“I have always been passionate about English, French and Latin at school, having developed an interest in languages ​​from an early age.

“It became a hobby, learning the language of the countries I was vacationing in, taking French to post-A level, and later getting qualifications in Spanish and Italian. ”

‘The Unrehomeable Hero, a Race Against Time and a Gift of Wings’ is available for purchase for £ 23.99 at: gift-of- wings.


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