Development Authority Apparently Grants Hanson Group Low Interest Loan for Brady District Development | Local News


“Basically we’re talking about a six-year, $ 2 million loan at 2.5% interest,” Walker said. “It’s a loan at very low interest rates to facilitate development.

Walker said details of the project came from proposals previously heard by the authority, but he asked further questions of Walker Hanson, father of the brother-in-law trio.

The redevelopment agreement states that Walker Hanson is the contact for any inquiries regarding the development.

The group issued a statement in response to development questions on Thursday.

“We have always been invested in Tulsa, and our goal continues to be to bring attention and commerce to the city,” the statement said. “We are delighted to continue our development efforts. Next year is Hanson’s 25th anniversary, and we look forward to a world tour, the release of new music and the continued expansion of our beer business.

Walker Hanson did not return requests for comment, and a person who answered the phone at his provided number said he had no further comments.

An unsigned redevelopment agreement available on the TDA website, apparently the document referenced in a resolution approved in August adopting the deal, has several confidentiality clauses.


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