Disney is suing the comic book author and his heirs for the rights of Mar …


Walt Disney sued one of the comic book authors and the heirs of other comic book authors behind superheroes like Iron Man and Spider-Man.

With this, the entertainment group wants to end the debate over who will have the rights to Marvel characters.

Larry Lieber, who helped create the characters of Iron Man, Thor, and Ant-Man, among others, has been sued by Disney, which paid billions of dollars in 2009 for its acquisition of Marvel. Lieber is the brother of cartoonist Stan Lee, who died a few years ago, who is also considered the great man behind the Marvel heroes. The group also focuses on the heirs of Steve Ditko and Donald L. Heck. They co-created Spider-Man and Black Widow respectively.

According to Disney, the defendants recently indicated that they wanted the rights to the creations they returned. Ditko’s heirs have pointed to US legislation that allows rights to be restored once they are transferred to publishers after a certain period of time. Disney must therefore return Ditko’s rights to Spider-Man in June 2023.

Made in company

The entertainment group opposes this and asks the judge to “confirm” that the stages are invalid, simply because they had absolutely no rights to the numbers they created. Disney also maintains that comic book creators have worked for Marvel for years, editing their comics and paying them per page, for example. As a result, the rights have always been with Marvel. Disney states that by acquiring Marvel, it subsequently acquired all rights to the cartoon characters.

Almost all of the Marvel comics have been filmed in recent years. This series turned out to be one of the most successful film series in Hollywood history. If Disney loses business, it may have to share its profits from the Marvel films with other rights holders. Years ago, a similar case arose between Disney and the heirs of comic book author Jack Kirby, who also worked for Marvel. A settlement with the Kirby family was reached in 2014.


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