Dying Light 2 is criticized by frustrated Italian gamers


Dying Light 2 was critically bombarded on Metacritic recently for a rather unexpected reason. Over the past week, Techland’s long-awaited sequel to dying light finally released, and for the most part, fans and critics have been pretty happy with the title. However, as is the case with almost all video game launches, you often can’t please everyone, which has led to a certain group of people going out of their way to leave scathing reviews on various platforms. .

First noticed on Reddit, the Metacritic page for Dying Light 2 had started to slowly receive a large number of user scores of 0/10 in an effort to bring down the game’s overall average. While this is something people do from time to time on Metacritic for no reason, the main problem associated with all these negative reviews largely concerned the lack of Italian voice overs. Essentially, Dying Light 2 does not offer an Italian voice-over option, which particularly frustrated Italian players that their own native language was not found in the game. These complaints were further amplified given that the original dying light featured Italian voice acting, which means that for some reason Techland just didn’t choose to include it in the sequel.

“Dying Light 1 had a full Italian sound, while Dying Light 2 only has Italian text and full of errors and bad translation,” said one of the annoyed reviewers. Another user went even further and claimed that the lack of Italian voices in Dying Light 2 is not only a missing feature in the game alone, but is also “a heavy insult to Italian culture and people”.

For now, it remains to be seen if Techland will actually hear these complaints and choose to add the Italian voice in a future update for Dying Light 2. Unfortunately, even if this feature does eventually roll out, it will likely take a bit longer to implement. As such, it doesn’t look like those fans frustrated by this omission will be happy anytime soon.

Do you think Italian fans are more than justified in being angry at Dying Light 2’s lack of Italian voice acting? Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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