Endicott Man pleads guilty to shooting man with compound bow


An Endicott man will be sentenced in November after pleading guilty to shooting a man in the chest with a compound bow.

Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak said Carson Vanco, 20, pleaded guilty last week to the violent crime of attempted first-degree assault on July 26.e attack which allegedly took place during an argument at the abandoned Vestal Hills Country Club.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

In the original press release and reported on WNBF, the Broome County Sheriff’s Office said it suspected the site was being used by 23-year-old Bayso Vannavongsa of Binghamton as a location where he stored weapons and equipment. other property that the authorities believed they had. Been robbed.

Sheriff’s office officials found five rifles, a sawed-off shotgun, a BB gun, two handguns, a chainsaw, a dirt bike, a generator and assorted tools. Vannavongsa was also found in possession of approximately 24 grams of methamphetamine.

In the original press release, the sheriff’s office said it believed Vanco, Savanna Perry, 21, of Endicott, also charged, and Vannavongsa knew each other and that the two Endicott men had conspired to set up a ambush at the Binghamton man.

Vanco and Perry were found by New York State in a vehicle shortly after and were chased on foot to the garage of a home on Powderhouse Road, where they were taken into custody.

Vanco and Perry were each charged with felony assault and conspiracy.

Vanco is expected to be sentenced to eight years in New York state prison, followed by five years of supervision after his release.

The press release from the district attorney’s office did not update the status of Perry’s case.

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