Everything American Horror Stories Season 1 Did Wrong According To Fans


“American Horror Story,” as a series, is no stranger to fans looking for various plot holes or inconsistencies in arcs put together by seasons past and altered when connecting subsequent seasons. But with “American Horror Stories” – particularly in the series finale, “Game Over” – fans felt the writers ultimately jumped the shark when it comes to rewriting the rules for convenience rather than intent.

“The inconsistencies annoyed me so much,” salty_sparrow wrote on the AHS subreddit, referring to the show’s inconsistent approach to “freeing” the ghosts of The Murder House, when many wondered why – if all that ‘he had to do was burn it – no one had ever thought of it before. We know ghosts can leave the property on Halloween, so why can’t they start a fire?

“I feel like they left too many holes with the Murder House episodes,” one fan wrote, while another had a series of questions for the writers, including “where are the other ghosts? Do they relax out of sight when they want to be disturbed? … And Ruby has a cell phone? How do they pay the bills? And why do Ruby and Scarlett only meet on Halloween? Scarlett can’t she come in and out anytime? And she doesn’t care about her fathers? There’s way too much to unbox … “(via Reddit).

Of course, if the two episodes of Rubber Woman exist only in video game reality, it gives all the rules and the digging of the plots. some semblance of reasonable mechanics, but perhaps not enough to convince most critics of the show: “They have to let go of this ******* house,” SonnySunshineGirl wrote.


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