Frank Miller reflects on his take on America and its international influences


A new documentary will be released at the end of 2021 that presents iconic writer / artist / director Frank Miller from a new perspective. Frank Miller – American Genius Pulls the Curtain on the Batman: Return of the Dark Knight author to delve into his evolution as a storyteller in what director Silenn Thomas calls an “inherently American” experience.

“Frank is constantly absorbing what has happened before and what is happening now so that his work is a living and breathing thing.”

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Miller and Thomas are in Lucca, Italy the last week of October to screen the film and meet fans at one of the world’s biggest comic book conventions, Lucca Comics & Games.

Speaking to Newsarama from Italy, Miller shared his vision for America.

“Well, I was raised by two very patriotic WWII veterans,” Miller told Newsarama. “So I received a very Jeffersonian education from followers of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who believed in the principles upon which the nation was founded. Despite all the obstacles along the way, those principles have always meant a lot to me.”

Silenn thomas

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“I embrace my American side, but to me it has nothing to do with inflated, flag-waving patriotism. ‘Make America Great Again’ … It’s nationalism to me, it’s not that what I believe in. “

Frank Miller – American Genius director Silenn Thomas got to know Frank MIller while he was an associate producer on the 2007 film 300. The two kept in touch, and in 2019 Miller chose Thomas as the CEO of his production company, Frank Miller Ink.

“When I met Frank in 300, I was impressed with his connection to comics and to Batman. I grew up in Europe, in France, but I have Italian origins. I am a new American and I became American by choice. What was clear to me when I got to know Frank was that he was a storyteller, and also an artist, ”says Thomas.“ With this documentary, I wanted to find out how and why for myself and for anyone who would like to see it.

“Thanks to Frank Miller, I discovered a whole world – a world that has fans here in Lucca, and fans all over the world. His work has links with French comics, with manga and all the form. of storytelling. I think Frank is the American hope. “

Frank Miller

Frank Miller (Image credit: Lucca Comics & Games)

Like modern America, Miller’s storytelling is influenced by people from diverse cultures – both in the past and those he meets in person.

“The manga has influenced me enormously, as have several European comics like Hugo Pratt’s,” Miller says. “At first I saw myself as leaning on a foundation informed by Will Eisner, Milton Caniff, Hugo Pratt and Bernie Krigstein. Now I think it’s more of constant learning.

“These days, I usually work with people who have a younger generation than me, and I learn a lot from them. In terms of artistic experience, they’ve gone to worlds I’ve never been to and them. experienced media that I do not have.

“I didn’t sit down with an iPad,” Miller laughs. “It’s a whole different medium. We live in a world that is constantly driven by the media. There is no end.”

Frank Miller and Silenn Thomas both attend Lucca Comics & Games 2021, presenting this Frank Miller – American Genius documentary.

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