Grealish accepts next goal celebration with amazed young fan


Jack Grealish surprised one of his biggest fans this week – then let him choose his next goal celebration!

Finlay, 11, is a huge Man City fan and Jack is his idol.

Not just for his silky skills on the pitch, but also for the way he takes care of his sister off the pitch.

Finlay, you see, like Jack’s sister, Holly, has cerebral palsy and he was extremely impressed with how Jack involves her in everything he does.

Finlay sent Jack a letter to express his gratitude, writing, “I wish there were more people in the world like you who treat people with disabilities the same as everyone else.

“It makes me really happy when I see that you, a famous footballer, know what it’s like to live with people with cerebral palsy.

“You are my hero and your sister’s best big brother.

“My dream is to meet you and give you a high five. Imagine meeting your idol!”

And guess what, that’s exactly what happened as part of Premier League Productions’ ‘Fan Mail’.

After initially responding and sending him a signed City shirt, complete with ‘Grealish 10’, our star winger also decided to head to the CFA where Finlay plays every Monday as part of the disabled football team.

Watch the moment Finlay spots Jack – and the wonderful interaction between the two.

Jack tells Finlay he can select his next goal celebration, a decision he begins to regret when told he should do “the worm” – a breakdancing move popularized by WWE wrestler Scotty 2 Hotties.

After some friendly negotiations, Jack agrees to do an easier dance the next time he finds the net for City.

Watch the uplifting story unfold in the video player above.


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