‘Hawkeye’ Episode 1 and 2 Easter Eggs


In the first episode, Kate rescues and befriends a mysterious one-eyed Golden Retriever who is on the loose and may or may not have some ties to the tracksuit mafia (see below). His name is unknown, but Kate gave him the official title of Pizza Dog.

In the comics, the dog, originally named Arrow, was owned by a member of the tracksuit mafia. He turned on his handlers to save Hawkeye, then the thugs threw the dog into traffic. He was rescued by Clint and rushed to a veterinary hospital. He lost an eye but started a new loving family with Clint and Kate. He also gained a new name: Lucky.

Finding the right dog to play this beloved character from the comics also involved a lot of research and a lot of auditions, like every time a superhero is chosen. “We did exactly the same as we did for all of the auditions,” said EP Trinh Tran. “Because Pizza Dog is such an important and crucial character in the comics, we had to make sure we got that right as well. We were excited to make Pizza Dog a part of the story… We looked at a ton of pictures of possible dogs and then [held] Pizza Dog also auditions. There were certain elements that we wanted to see if the dog can do and – I had never worked with a dog before, so it was like, what are the challenges going to be? And it was amazing because we found Shaking and after seeing the audition tape I started working with Jolt and seeing what Jolt looked like, and I think it really shows on screen what he looks like.

Can Dogs Eat Pizza?

Almost Everything About Pizza Is Bad For Dogs. Onions and garlic are very bad for dogs, raw bread dough can keep rising in their precious little stomachs, and all the popular toppings are really fatty. The only thing a dog can safely eat is mozzarella, but not if it has traces of pizza sauce on it.

Incredibly enough, this isn’t the first time that a Disney + original has asked us to warn viewers to be careful not to give dogs Italian food.


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