“His word is his bond”: OS Hawkins, author of “Promise Code”

OS Hawkins
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What does it mean not only to know, but to trust in Him who cannot lie?

That’s the question longtime pastor and author OS Hawkins seeks to answer in his latest book, The promise codewhich dives deep into the pages of scripture to explore 40 promises that change the way believers interact with the Bible.

In the latest volume of his best-selling “Code Series”, including The Bible Code, The Passion Code, The James Code, and The Joshua CodeHawkins offers readers insight into God’s greatest promises to His people, how we know we can trust them, and the context and meaning that is often missed or misunderstood about each.

Each of the book’s 40 entries contains a biblical promise, a reading that illuminates that promise, and a suggested prayer that can help readers remember God’s promises throughout the week.

Hawkins told the Christian Post he wrote the book to help people begin the “great adventure” of living by God’s promises, especially in light of the midterm elections.

“We hear a lot of promises from a lot of politicians. … Promises made, they are appreciated,” he said. “But promises kept are what matter most. It’s one thing to make a promise, it’s another to keep it.

For Hawkins, there is a key distinction between the precepts of the Bible – the guiding principles or rules that govern or influence our conduct, such as the Ten Commandments – and its promises, which, according to Hawkins, are the assurance that someone one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen.

“It’s one thing to read the Bible and struggle with its precepts, but it’s another thing to believe the Bible and keep its promises,” he said. “That’s what God calls us to do.”

Much of what determines whether someone will keep their promise is based on character, Hawkins added.

He used the example of a known thief who stands before a judge: when that thief promises never to steal again, Hawkins says the judge will never believe that promise based on the character of the thief.

“How can we know that the Bible, the promises that God gives us, are true? Because of his character,” he explained. “His Word is His bond, and our Bibles are full of His promises to us.”

According to Hawkins, many promises found in scripture are unconditional. It highlights the flood of Noah’s day and the resulting promise that God made through the sign of the rainbow never to flood the Earth again.

There is also the promise of Jesus in chapter 14 of the Gospel of John, where he promises to return to receive his people with him.

But other promises, Hawkins pointed out, are conditional, including the forgiveness of sins, which God has promised to do on the condition that we confess our sins – or “say the same thing that God says,” as he put it. Hawkins.

Hawkins said that sin is so serious that it “puts Christ on the cross”.

“So when we acknowledge with God that we have sinned, then we confess our sin, he is faithful and just and the promise is that he will cleanse us from all righteousness,” he said.

A Southwestern Baptist Seminary alumnus who recently retired as president of GuideStone Financial Resources — the insurance and pension arm of the Southern Baptist Convention — Hawkins also served as the pastor of historic First Baptist Dallas (1993-1997) .

Revenues and royalties from The promise code and other books in the Code series go to benefit Mission: Dignity, a GuideStone ministry launched under Hawkins’ tenure that helps retired ministers and their widows who are in need, according to Hawkins.

Ian M. Giatti is a reporter for The Christian Post. He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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