How Dasha Nekrasova shot her own PR crisis for her role in advising Kendall through hers in ‘Succession’



Interesting. Yes. Probably.

And seeing Comfry say, here’s how this situation plays out, and I wouldn’t go to Ziwe’s talk show, I wouldn’t make those kinds of jokes – and Kendall challenging her in this very stubborn way, it sounded very precise. This kind of guy has a total misinterpretation of what the world thinks of him, even if he literally reads tweets.

Right: He plays “Good Tweet, Bad Tweet”.

Have you played “Good Tweet, Bad Tweet”?

I actually didn’t know this was what I was doing, but I was hanging out with Nick [Braun] and Justine [Lupe, who plays Willa] once when we were shooting and looking for a name. And Nick said to me, “Oh, you make a good tweet, a bad tweet! »» You log in to see how the reception is going.

It really is this radical interpretation of “there is no bad press”. Did that sound true to you, to the kind of person who is powerful that way?

I think Kendall really wants to be loved, and he’s very aware of the initial rush to undermine his father’s legacy. But then I think it’s hard for him to interpret what’s going on as a backlash because he wants to be loved so much and seem like he’s been warned. And this is why being his publicist is a difficult job because he is a client that we want to please, but making him happy is directly in contradiction with what is going to be really positive or useful.

It also highlights how the show – what part of the world, really – is all about PR. Even the simultaneous storyline of Kendall’s siblings deciding whether or not to do a TV interview, and then arguing over that statement, it seems like everyone cares so much about trying to say the right thing to please this system that doesn’t. It’s not the stock market, but rather a parallel system of public opinion.

Yes, there’s a really good Logan line in this episode, where Shiv mentions the leverage of the law, and [Logan] says the law is people, and people are politics. And to develop that, people are public relations, and public relations constructs reality as people interpret it. And in that way, he’s immensely, immensely powerful.

It might be too fancy a question, but would you have Kendall on “Red Scare”?

I think so. It would be an interesting crossover.

I wonder how he would have heard of it. Perhaps a tweet from you would fall under the “Bad Tweet” category.

Yeah, I think it would be dear to the girls in the band Red Scare.

How aware was the show of your fame or reputation?

It’s a good question. I do not know. I know some of the writers are listening to the show, but I was talking with one of them, and I hinted at the marine socialism thing and I was like, “Oh, this is actually an interesting cast. , because I was like, besieged by this right-wing media, and now I’m on this show, “and he had no idea what I was talking about. I don’t know how aware the cast is [was], because I just recorded it as I would for any audition.



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