In Marvel and DC Comics, gray hair is never just gray hair


Something similar happened decades later when DC tried to make main Green Lantern Hal Jordan look a little more mature and distinguished by letting his hair gray a bit. It was a futile effort, as he still had to share a comic with a guy who looked like Carrot Top merged with Moe from the Three Stooges.

DC Comics

And a Sidney Poitier trial waiting to happen.

Hal ditching his Just For Men(tm) shampoo failed to motivate the kids to take the The Green Lantern comic. Poor sales have led to a radical overhaul where our brave hero murders a group of his friends and turns into a villain called Parallax. About a decade later, DC thought it was time to turn Hal into a good guy and age him while he was at it. Grey hair ? This time it was a side effect of being possessed by the cosmic parasite that made him do all those bad things.

DC Comics

This is your reminder to check your grizzled elders for cosmic parasites if you value your life.

Another example is Rogue of the X-Men, which was originally introduced as a middle-aged Avengers villain who looked hated and feared by everyone at his PTA meetings.

Marvel Comics

She has the mutant power to make service workers reconsider their calling.

But then they started writing Snape as if she were in her late teens or early twenties, and her old lady locks became an elegant streak of hair on her forehead. This look has become so iconic that the first x-men The film devoted its climax to explaining why he is there.

And Dr. Strange? As far as we know, Marvel didn’t try to explain his white streaks by magic or something, but they did. tell the artist to get rid of it for a while, which is like erasing Spider-Man’s webs or Batman’s pointy ears. Stop messing with superhero hair, guys. Or at least say it was dandruff all along to make it easier to understand.

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