In the 608: Local author on new book

Credit: Julie Murphy Agnew

MADISON, Wis. – The last two years have brought us many twists and turns, but a local woman hopes that we can use them to our advantage in the future.

Julie Murphy Agnew presents her new book, which is her first as a local author. It’s called “In It Together”. In her book, she talks about the importance of how 2020 has changed us all.

As Julie describes in words and pictures, it provided us with new experiences, important lessons and opportunities.

“The script sometimes changed, just because of what was happening,” Julie explained. “It’s interesting that it’s now published, but it’s all still completely relatable. What I’ve discovered in getting the book into people’s hands is that there’s something that resonates with everyone. world.

Julie started the project after losing her job at the start of the pandemic and seeing families spending so much time together, including hers as a new mum.

She appealed to dozens of people, hoping to collect images and experiences from everyone. Topics range from quarantine to Black Lives Matter to politics.

“It was something that came out of Madison, but everyone can relate to it,” Julie added. “I think as she grows up my daughter will appreciate it, where she has no idea at the moment. She calls it the book of the heart where the hands are in the shape of a heart, but one day she will know that I wrote it.

Julie says she continues to be proud to call Madison home and will continue to do her part to stay active in the community. She really loves fitness and working out, she even competes in Ironman here in Madison.

For every 100 books sold, Julie will donate one book to a school, library, small free library or organization.

Click here to learn more about “In It Together”.


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