Introducing the awe-inspiring “Book Of Badass”, a love note to women at a shoe company that focuses on uplifting them


From Illogical Dreamers – the shoe company behind one of the world’s first herbal Sacchetto flats – comes the “Book of Badass”. On its pages you will find “mind-boggling stories of game-changing women”. The book features an elite group of smart, crazy, and utterly fearless women who have encountered a million challenges, been criticized, but never gave up on their dreams.

As a little Japanese girl who has launched several startups and worked in the world of male-dominated management consulting, Emilia Higashi is no stranger to gender labels, being disparaged or even outright ignored. Noting that women have been hit the hardest during this global pandemic, Higashi began to look for ways to uplift women. She realized that the world needs inspiring stories more than ever – especially women, who have been hit hardest by the pandemic. And the more, the better.

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As the CEO of Illogical Dreamers, a plant-based shoe company, she put on her ponytail and partnered with some of the most amazing women in the world. Meet the Badass Book, a free publication created by the women’s shoe company.

A beautifully crafted ode to those with two X chromosomes, the Book of Badass features “mind-boggling stories of game-changing women.” The book features an elite group of smart, crazy, and completely fearless women who thrive in beast mode. Superstars like parkour genius Silke Sollfrank, activist artist Delita Martin, world rock climbing champion Sasha DiGiulian, landscape architect and city planner extraordinary Lisa Switkin and more. Whether it’s turning a landfill into New York City’s largest park created in the past 100 years, developing stunning works of art that chronicle injustices and being featured across the country, leaving a job leading to fight for equal pay, to be one of the best athletes of all time, to become a world champion or become a unicorn in the tech industry – these visionaries have encountered a million challenges, have been criticized, but never gave up on their illogical dreams.

The common thread here is clear as a bell – of women who keep pushing the bottom feeders until they end up at the top.

The company behind the Badass Book worth to be deepened. Illogical Dreamers brings the world a transformative model made from plant-based materials (like ‘leather’ made from corn), calculating the carbon footprint of their shoes, planting trees for every shoe sold, and sharing 1% of the profits. with its Italian artisans to help transition to more sustainable materials. And because they believe that powerful women get even more powerful when they feel both stylish and comfortable, they make shoes that tick both of these boxes. Their Italian herbal Sacchetto apartments, which empower women, will soon be available.

Of course, The Book of Badass uplifts your spirit and drops your jaw a bit. The book shows that women can do whatever they want. But more than that, it encourages women to go out and pursue their own dreams, however illogical they may be. So ladies, let’s continue like this!

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Illogical Dreamers is a global collective that defies the norms of the fashion industry. Their mission is to create shoes that elevate – and in the process, bring to the world a transformative business model where products are created more sustainable, artisans are raised, and women are empowered to be great.

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