Is The Breaker season 3 officially confirmed?


The South Korean manhwa series which surely held a stable position in the entertainment industry with its illustrious adaptation will now have a new season. Season 3 of The Breaker was not unexpected after the hype it created among the fans.

Jeon Geuk-jin was the main story creator, and Park Jin-hwan exemplified that perfectly. The news of the renewal made fans think about the release date and the upcoming plot. So we go straight to that.

When will Breaker season 3 hit your screens?

The official announcement regarding the renewal has already made a lot of noise, but the release date is still being planned. No possible assumption could be made since the creator maintains the suspense. However, we know for a fact that The Breaker Season 3 is in production.

As the author needed someone to help him color, a job posting was updated on his official blog. The original release date of The Breaker Season 3 was somewhere in 2021. But the project started with its production in July 2021. So it’s only fair that fans expect Part 3 around mid-2022 or even around the end of 2022.

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The author has updated the blog,

“And since a lot of people inquired about it… For the next work, we are preparing Part 3 of Breaker with writer Geuk-Jin Jeon.

This time I think I will work with scrolling like Trinity Wonder.

I don’t want to do page work because I think it’s a difficult and energy-consuming task.

If you want a book…maybe…it’s so popular it might come out if a place to publish a book pops up.

So… I will prepare well and see you soon in Breaker Part”3

It is said that Daiwon CI’s Young Champ magazine was the first to serialize The Breaker from June 2007 to July 2010. Then New Waves official website was considered as the sequel and Daum Communications which is a comics portal in line released the sequel in 2010. .

The Breaker Season 3

The Breaker was also available in multiple languages ​​so all kinds of audiences could watch it. These languages ​​are of course Korean, English, Arabic, Indonesian, French, Polish, German, Italian, Thai and Russian. With the third part of the series online, let’s see what more can come.

More Breaker Season 3 Details

At the latest news, we know that Noblesse, Le Dieu du Lycée and la Tour de Dieu will be present this season. Shi-Woon-Yi is the founder of Gamdong Do as well as Taekwondo and he is the originator of the story.

Now, fans are also hoping to get a dedicated anime adaptation of the series so they can enjoy all the big and small moments of the show. Many believe that Netflix could approach the creator of the series to grant him rights.

But something like that didn’t happen, but it won’t be a surprise if it does. Currently, The Breaker is in the 6th position on’s manhwa list. And he is loved by 114,171 members according to the details revealed by the website.

In fact, there are over 100,000 monthly searches on Google alone and it is truly one of the most popular Google dramas. Now the series is still in production and fans have no idea.

The Breaker Season 3 Characters

Most of the characters will be present in Season 3. First of all, the main protagonist, Shi-Woon-Yi, the 17-year-old student who resides in North York Canada is the staple of the series. Park Seo-Joon, Kang Ji-young, and Kim Hyun-Joong are included.

Shi-Woon’s next mentor, Sun Chun-Woo will be present. As a secondary protagonist, he is important. Kwon Jae-kyu’s granddaughter, Kwon Jinie will also join them. Kim II Sung will be the next addition. We don’t know if new characters will be introduced, but anything can happen.

So, fans can’t wait to find out what else is going to happen in the new season and in the universe of Murim. The author is thinking of new ideas so that fans won’t be disappointed with the upcoming release. The saga must be perfect and we pray that it will be accepted for an animated version very soon.


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