Italy is open to travel, and new Rondini Press book says Marche is the place to go


CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Le Marche, Italy, or Picenum as the Romans called it, is known for the enchanted Sibillini Mountains, vine-covered hills and the stunning Adriatic coast. The land of Piceno goes from the first archaeological traces of human settlements, passing through the Roman conquests, to the catastrophic earthquakes of 2016. The barbarian invasions, the Italian municipalities, Napoleon and Garibaldi connect here in a romantic landscape of astonishing beauty and ‘historic turmoil.

The fascination and heartbreak of the history of the Marche is a living experience. The book presents the jewels and weapons of the first Piceno culture, follows the roundabout routes of necromancers, robbers and Saint Francis. Savor wines and olives, renowned since Roman times, in Renaissance squares and fortified hilltop towns. Visit partisan WWII battlefields and the Cave of the Sibyl, where medieval knights risked eternal damnation.

The land of Piceno was published by Rondini Press July 2021. Copies can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Books (as an eBook) and many more.

The authors
Phoebe Leed and Nathan Neel share their time between Cambridge, MA and Montegallo, Ascoli Piceno. For more than thirty years, they have explored the back roads of the Marche, searched for fantastic tales and tracked down family history.

Contact: Nathan Neel / + 18579285050 / [email protected]

SOURCE Rondini Press


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