Kerala: Children ‘Meet’ Famous Writers Through Their Maash | News from Kozhikode


KOZHIKODE: The who’s who of Malayalam literature has visited the virtual classrooms of TIHSS, Naimarmoola in Kasaragod.
Unlike many who find the pandemic-induced online classes limiting, the school’s Malayalam teacher – KTN Radhakrishnan – has brought over 100 writers into high school classrooms through short audio and video clips.
These include more than two dozen writers whose works are part of the program and they have engaged with students by providing the context and background for their works firsthand. The students in class XII of the school therefore had the legendary writer MT Vasudevan Nair himself explaining in a two-minute clip what prompted him to write the short story “Kuppayam” before studying it. Once again, they asked director Sathyan Anthikkad and actor Sreenivasan to talk about the world of cinema before starting a lesson on the movie “Kodiyettam”.
“The writers have agreed to give audio clips”
“When the lessons went online, I felt that the students had a hard time understanding. Before I picked up the story “Randu Malsyangal” from Ambikasuthan Mangad, who I know, I asked him if he could address the students, and he gave me an audio clip explaining the story. The students were delighted to hear it, and they started asking if they could hear the writer every time we started a new lesson, ”said Radhakrishnan, from Karivellur.
He said the authors generally agreed to provide short audio or video clips when they knew they were intended for students. “We have to be patient, because many of them are busy with their commitments. To date, we have been fortunate to have up to 138 famous personalities, including writers, actors, cultural leaders, sportsmen, among others, to speak to the students. This helped the students develop a personal bond with them and also sparked their interest in the lesson. In addition, I now see students asking for writers’ books for general reading after hearing them, ”he said.
Some of the writers who are now part of the online university journey include T Padmanabhan, M Mukundan, C Radhakrishnan, K Satchidanandan, Sharankumar Limbale, CV Balakrishnan, MN Karassery, UK Kumaran, Priya AS and George Onakkoor, among others. Many of them shared their thoughts with the students through audio clips at special days and celebrations and anniversaries related to literary personalities. The late actor Nedumudi Venu, director Adoor Gopalakrishnan, actors Mamukoya, KPAC Lalitha, Jagadish and Indrans – from the cinematic fraternity – have also provided such clips.
Radhakrishnan said many clips provided to him by writers have now found their way to online courses run by Malayalam teachers across the state.


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