Kevin Smith doesn’t understand why Kevin Smith fans love Clerks


Ahead of his big Hall H appearance at this year’s SDCC (and between all the other events in his busy schedule), Kevin Smith spoke to Deadline on returning to the pop culture mecca after a pandemic-related hiatus, his brand of cinema, and his final cinematic trip to the Quick Stop.

In that conversation, he was asked if he originally envisioned his drug-dealing delinquents as stars who could appear in multiple projects outside of “Clerks.” Not only did that thought never cross his mind, Smith wasn’t sure anyone outside of his home country would even connect with his first movie.

“Never in a million years. It’s nice to be able to go home with these characters, and it’s beautiful that people are still talking about them. I never imagined that the ‘clerks’ would take on a life I never fully understood why people love ‘Clerks’ so much I didn’t think it would play outside of New Jersey because it’s a very regional workplace comedy “But you don’t have to be from New Jersey to identify with a job you hate. That’s a universal truth for most people. Being able to turn this experience into a trilogy was awesome.”

Like he said, there’s definitely a universal truth contained in “clerks” when it comes to being unhappy with your job. Although I feel like there’s more to it. I can’t speak for all Kevin Smith fans, but I know why I love “Clerks.” In a nutshell, this film, along with Smith’s other films, from “Mallrats” to “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, really gave me a sense of belonging.


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