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There is a long tradition of success in getting children’s stories from the page to the screen – just ask Harry Potter or Thomas the Tank Engine. Add to that an increased demand for new children’s content from streamers like Netflix, Disney +, and Apple TV +, making family IPs already entrenched in the market more valuable than ever. And finally, influencers on TikTok are making a lot of headlines go viral these days – a video on the young adult book We were liars led to an increase in sales of 17,000 units in just one week, according to NPD data.

With all of this increased interest in kidlit brands, rights to adapt books for young readers are often won quickly. So Kidscreen contacted several leading publishers to identify some of the best children’s books that still have television and movie rights available. Here are some of our favorites for tweens and young adults. And feel free to ask about our top picks for readers ages three to seven and intermediate at the start of the week.

Disposable Girls (photo above)

Author: Andrea Contos

Release date: Fall 2020

Editor: Loft KCP

Format: Novel, fiction

Synopsis: Caroline Lawson is three months away from graduation – and escapes her parents who wish she was straight – when her best friend Madison goes missing. Caroline feels compelled to get involved in the investigation, but she has her own reasons for not trusting the police.

Posted in: English

Best approach to the screen: Live action movie or limited series

Contact: Lisa Lyons Johnston ([email protected])

Unsuitable lover

Author: SK Ali

Release date: May 25, 2021

Editor: Readings by Simon & Schuster / Saleem

Format: Novel, fiction

Synopsis: The heroine Janna hopes her brother’s wedding will be the start of her perfect romance, but the arrival of several attractive guests leaves her more confused than ever. This title is a continuation of Saints and misfits, a modern coming-of-age story of a 15-year-old Arab-Indian-American girl navigating romance and faith in her Muslim community.

Posted in: English (US, UK, Australia)

Best approach to the screen: Live action

Contact: [email protected]

A curse so dark and lonely

A curse so dark and lonely

Author: Brigitte Kemmerer

Release date: January 29, 2019

Editor: Bloomsbury YA

Kind: Fantastic novel

Synopsis: A prince is cursed for reliving his 18th year until he meets his one true love in this contemporary and fantastical tale of Beauty and the Beast.

Posted in: English (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand), Czech, Dutch, Flemish, Romanian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Italian, German, French, Croatian, Portuguese

Best approach to the screen: Live action

Contact: Suzie Townsend (


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