Killing Eve: Villanelle’s 10 Most Memorable Kills


Kill Eve is a BBC drama series that follows MI6 agent Eve Polastri and Russian international assassin Villanelle. The pair chase each other around the world and develop a sort of obsession with outwitting each other.

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Despite being an assassin, there is nothing serious about Villanelle’s character. Brilliantly played by Jodie Comer, Villanelle has a childlike mentality and is extremely creative in the way she accomplishes her missions. His reckless attitude and need for Eve’s attention resulted in many memorable murders that are a departure from the usual assassinations seen in TV dramas.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Killing Eve as well as mentions of extreme violence.

ten Attach the elevator door

villanelle kills in an elevator

In the season two episode The hungry caterpillar, Villanelle ends up in London. By putting on a fake Scottish accent, Villanelle finds her next target, a man named Greg Richardson. She catches his eye by flattering him, claiming to have read an article about him in The Economist, and takes an interest in his fashion.

However, as he enters an elevator, she reverts to her Russian accent. After saying she could tell his tie was fake, she grabbed the tie. The elevator doors close around Tie, and viewers can hear him choking behind the doors.

9 Rhian dies on the subway

villanelle launches rhian on the rails

In the season three finale Are you leading or am I?, Villanelle seeks an exit from the powers she works for. Fellow assassin Rhian is keen to take Villanelle’s place and is unimpressed with Villanelle’s childish frivolity.

When Rhian questions Villanelle’s hopes that there might be something more for her in life, it pushes Villanelle over the edge and she punches Rhian repeatedly before throwing her onto the tracks in front of an oncoming train. reverse. Villanelle watches Rhian die before calmly exiting the train station.

8 Julian is killed with knitting needles

villanelle combat julian

Hiding from MI6, Villanelle travels to England where she reluctantly allows herself to be greeted by a seemingly kind stranger, Julian. However, Villanelle realizes that the controlling and possessive Julian might actually hurt her more than she initially thought.

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After a fight breaks out, Villanelle stabs Julian in the neck with a knitting needle and leaves him bleeding. She poses her body with a toilet brush in her mouth for Eve to find her and make her escape.

7 Gabriel gets his neck broken

villanelle kills gabriel

All along Kill Eve, Villanelle spared the lives of children and tends to stick to adult victims. However, in the first episode of the second season, she breaks this streak. In the hospital after being stabbed by Eve, Villanelle meets a young teenager named Gabriel.

Gabriel was in a car accident that killed his parents and left him with a badly injured face. In a seemingly heartwarming moment between the two, Villanelle breaks Gabriel’s neck and leaves his body in the hospital bed. Although she probably believed she was helping him, seeing Villanelle murder an innocent child was shocking to viewers.

6 Death by scent

sebastian victim of villanelle perfume

In the episode I’ll take care of him later, Villanelle disguises herself as a waitress and infiltrates a political fundraiser to isolate her target. Posing as the owner of a beauty business, Villanelle shares her perfume with the target. However, the scent is a poisonous nerve agent that Villanelle had prepared earlier.

Villanelle watches her victim suffocate and leaves, perfume in hand. The poison is so effective that she accidentally kills her neighbor Sebastian, who has fallen in love with Villanelle and wanted to support her perfume business later in the episode.

5 Villanelle kills her family

villanelle burns her family home

In the season three episode Are you from Pinner?, Villanelle returns to Russia. Fans get a glimpse of her life before she became an assassin. Comer gives one of his best performances as Villanelle as fans got to see the inner turmoil and conflicts that exist inside Villanelle.

The lack of affection she receives from her mother and the anger she feels for being raised this way leaves Villanelle with no choice but to kill her mother. Pulling her brother out of the house and sparing his life, Villanelle causes an explosion and walks away as the house and her family burn.

4 Kill Bill in the nightclub

invoice and villanelle at the station

In episode three of Kill Eve, Eve and her MI5 associate, Bill, travel to Berlin to investigate a murder that could be traced to Villanelle and the organization she works for. When Eve and Bill go their separate ways for the evening, Bill meets Villanelle at a train station.

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He recognizes her from the detailed description of Eve and the scarf she is wearing. Bill follows Villanelle to a club where, in the middle of the dance floor, she repeatedly stabs him. Bill bleeds as Villanelle escapes undetected, leaving Eve to find her body among the crowd.

3 Frank suffers greatly at the hands of Villanelle

villanelle frankly surprises

In I have something about bathrooms, Eve realizes that a blow has been thrown at her supervisor at MI5, Frank Haleton. So, Eve and Elena transport him to a safe house. When Eve comes home, Villanelle is inside and the couple have their first real conversation.

Villanelle takes Eve’s phone and gets the location of the safe house where Frank is staying. When Eve and Carolyn finally arrive at the hideout, they find Frank’s body. He is displayed on the bed, wearing a robe and devoid of his genitals.

2 The Poisoned Hairpin

villanelle kills with a hairpin

In the first episode of Kill Eve, pretty face, Villanelle crosses Tuscany on a motorbike to find her next target. This victim is an Italian mafia boss who celebrates his birthday at home, surrounded by his family. Villanelle climbs the drainpipe to his house and hides in a suitcase until he is alone.

She lures the man into a private conversation with her and, equipped with a poisoned needle disguised as a hairpin, she stabs him in the eye. Villanelle looks at her victim and smiles as the poison begins to invade her body, informing viewers of Kill Eve start that she really is a psychopath.

1 The Amsterdam Pig Mask Performance

villanelle in a pig mask

In the season two episode Desperate times, Villanelle goes to Amsterdam. Dressed in Bavarian dress and a pig mask, Villanelle heads for the red light district where she easily lures her target. The victim is purposely restrained, rendering him unable to defend himself when Villanelle begins to kill him.

What makes this murder so impressive is that it happened in front of a crowd, including the victim’s unsuspecting wife. However, because of the situation, Villanelle’s outfit, and her attitude, the tourists all believed it was part of a show.

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