Local author launches second children’s book on learning disabilities


A is for Anthony Not ADHD is the second book in Abigail Griebelbauer’s Empower Empathy series. The Empower Empathy series focuses on adding representation and awareness to children’s books through neurodiverse characters to ensure everyone feels included. The series began with a book based on Abigail’s life experience with dyslexia. As well as highlighting the positive undertones of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the book also discusses how Anthony involves himself in theater as an outlet to express himself and talks about the challenges he has faced. during rehearsals. To complement the storyline, the book includes interactive activities, a coloring page, and talking points to spark thoughtful conversations.

Here’s what some readers had to say about the book:

“It’s a great read for everyone – for kids with ADHD, that they can find their superpower with the right encouragement and the right tools, and for everyone to remember compassion and understanding first. ” Amazon review by snsairam

“I loved the importance of the work that the author and illustrator represent. They give a voice to a community that doesn’t have a lot of children’s literature. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is easy to read and Communicating with Children Amazon Review by Paige Chitwood

“As a retired educator and grandparent, I am always on the lookout for educational books for children. When I find one that’s equally entertaining, I’m beyond thrilled. And finding one that covers the topic of ADHD in a kind and informative way makes me ecstatic! I look forward to reading more empowerment books by this author! » Goodreads review by Dorenda Doyle

A is for Anthony Not ADHD includes interactive activities, a coloring page, and discussion topics to spark thoughtful conversations. (photo sent)

Inclusion in children’s books is so important, and the Empower Empathy series will continue to publish books featuring different neurodiverse characters. A is for Anthony Not ADHD is available in paperback and eBook format and can be purchased through Amazon. Ten percent of the proceeds from the series are donated to the Inclusive Children’s Book Fund, which provides teachers with free inclusive children’s books to read in their classrooms.

About Abigail Griebelbauer: Abigail Griebelbauer is a local author who was inspired to write children’s books due to her struggle with dyslexia growing up. His first book, D is for Darcy not dyslexia, is based on his experiences at school as a dyslexic child. Abigail graduated from the University of Evansville with a double major in Special Education and Elementary Education, where she learned about dyslexic strengths.


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