Local author publishes seventh book

Valrico resident and local author Ricky Keck has just released his seventh book, The Gastwick Witch, which is the second book in his The Orion Chronicles.

Ricky Keck of Valrico was born and raised in Southern California, but when his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, he enlisted in the Navy after graduating from high school.

“After two wars, Vietnam and Desert Shield / Storm, I retired, moved to Florida and started my second career,” Keck said. “My travels around the world and the dangerous but interesting profession of Navy diver, parachutist, and bomb disposal technician have given me a myriad of novel possibilities. “

Keck’s First Attempt was a semi-autobiographical military thriller called Critical response.

“He focused on a global emergency response team made up of specialist civilian experts and former military personnel,” Keck said. “This GREEN (Global Response to Emergency Environmental Need) team goes to the sites of potential environmental disasters to mitigate their negative effects. The completed novel was self-published in 2005.

Bound by honor, the second novel by Keck’s GREEN team, follows the team to Brazil and Colombia, where they run into a powerful drug lord.

“In 2010, I started writing an epic fantasy about a disgruntled young Viking boy who discovers and awakens an ancient magical relic,” Keck said. “A missing piece of Yggdrasil, the legendary Norse tree of life, has fallen to Earth and must be returned to the Rainbow Bridge. The protagonist, Torval, is in charge of this task. Shard of Asgard is the first installment. Queen of wolves and Days of blood and magic complete the trilogy.

The current version of Keck is The Witch of Gastwick, the second book of his The Chronicles of Orion.

“Captain Matheson and his crew are in a race to save the multiverse and its many timelines before Moira, an 18th century Irish witch, can destroy everything,” Keck said. “Not only do I write these stories, but I tell them too. I am a narrator with the ACX Amazon audiobook platform. I have seven titles available on Audible, iTunes and Amazon. Three of mine and four for two other authors. It’s laborious but brilliant.

Keck’s latest effort is to complete the final installment in team GREEN history. Provisional title Absence of mercy, he solves problems and closes various character plots.

“I hope to finish it next year,” Keck said. “Writing is a pleasure. Not that it’s not difficult, it is, but creating interesting characters, giving them obstacles to overcome, and weaving various plots together until a satisfying conclusion is rewarding.

If you want to learn more about Keck’s books or if you want to read his latest book, visit www.rlkeck.com.


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