Local author shines a light on postpartum depression in her new book


BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) – “Whenever you have postpartum depression, you are not yourself, not really,” said Storm Young.

After giving birth to her daughter from Tyler County, Storm Young felt lonely with postpartum depression and discovered an idea that could help others in a similar situation.

“As a mother, I felt like I was failing as a mother. I didn’t know how to contact someone, ”Young explained.

Young added that she still imagined herself becoming an author. However, she felt like she needed to find her story in an authentic way.

One night, she dreamed of two girls from Alaska and West Virginia who were pen pals.

This is how “The Pen Pal” was born.

“The dream was happening again, and I was like it had to be said. So every time I start talking about the characters, everyone says there are many of you in the story, ”Young said.

Young was living in Alaska when her husband was stationed there. Then they returned home to West Virginia.

The West Virginia portion of the novel takes place in New Martinsville, one of Young’s favorite places.

“I love the town of New Martinsville. The people were so nice and kind. Mainstreet has been my great inspiration because of its beauty, ”she added.

Young hoped her story would help other mothers suffering from postpartum realize that they are not alone on their journey.

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