Local Author’s Book Becomes Best Seller in US, Canada, Netherlands


TOMAHAWK, Wisconsin (WSAW) – A woman in central Wisconsin gave up her 10-year career in American business to become the best version of herself. She inspired people around the world to do the same with her number one bestselling book in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands. This is called “Redeemed”.

It was also among the best sellers in the UK, Spain and India.

“I went on a journey to start helping people who were in my community,” said author Kristi Davis.

In addition to inspiring others through her book, she has started doing retreats at a resort that she and her husband own. People have come from as far as California and from outside the country to enjoy the peace.

“This property has become a piece of heaven for people. They come here, they escape, they run away, ”Davis said.

During retirement, people learn to eat healthier through whole plant-based foods. They can also do yoga, meditate, and discuss their business goals with Davis to create a plan of action.

Davis enjoys helping people start their own businesses and mentors people virtually all over the world.

The stay at the resort is meant to help people refresh their minds.

“We all feel stuck not even understanding the purpose of our life,” Davis said.

Davis said she felt stuck before starting the station. She reached her peak weight and was not happy with her life. She was stressed from work and did not feel fulfilled in her life.

She decided to quit her job and pursue her passion. She lost 115 pounds and completely changed her state of mind. She now continues to inspire and help others to do the same.

“It’s beyond food, it’s beyond moving your body, it’s really about how we talk to each other,” Davis said.

Tammy Dye, a customer, was skeptical at first. She said she had been overweight her entire life.

“I was like no, it won’t work, I will never do that,” Dye said.

However, about nine months ago, she decided to get help from Davis. She started eating plant-based foods and worked closely with Davis to create an individual plan that worked for her.

“In the first 6 weeks, I had lost about 25 pounds,” Dye said.

She said Davis had helped her realize that she told herself stories about herself that weren’t true all of her life and that she needed to change her perspective on life.

“This is a complete life change,” Dye said.

Davis’ book is on Kindel and Audible for free. The book will also be available in local stores and libraries. She will also donate it to local schools. You can also buy it in paperback from Amazon.

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