Matteo Scalera to draw Mark Millar’s King of Spies according to Image / Netflix



Italian comic book designer Matteo scalera is best known for his work on Batman, Daredevil, Deadpool, Incorruptible, Power Rangers and is also the co-creator of Dark Sciences with Rick remender and Route of the corpses with Justin Jordan, as well as the drawing Space bandits based on Marc Millar Pitch Netflix, all published by Image Comics. He was also one of twelve winners of the first ChesterQuest, a global talent search by Marvel, led by now-Marvel EIC. CB Cebulski. But his next job will be with Mark Millar on King of spies – previously advertised as a Netflix Millarworld movie, but now another comic book spin-off for rent also from Image Comics. Mark Millar tells Bleeding Cool;

First off, some good news on the new comic book front. We know the grand finale of Jupiter’s Legacy is underway right now. We know the sequel to The Magic Order kicks off in October with Stuart Immonen. We know KING OF SPIES, the massive action franchise that I created in-house at Netflix eighteen months ago, but did you know I’m planning a comic book of that as well? We’ve looked at so many great artists possible for this project over the past six months and picked one of my absolute favorites, the brilliant Matteo Scalera. He drew the Space Bandits movie comic that we do right after Sharkey and I love this guy. He’s pretty much second to none right now and does the best job of his career on this particular book. I’ll be sharing some inside pages that he does soon, but in the meantime here’s the ad we made him draw with all the details you need right now. Released in December. It’s gonna be a cracker!

And for those who want more info on King of spies...

In King of Spies, Britain’s greatest secret agent confronts his deadliest enemy yet: his own mortality. Diagnosed with a brain tumor and six months to live, retired Sir Roland King looks around the world he has saved so many times and thinks he can’t leave us in such a mess. There is greed and corruption at every level, untouchable despots he has been banned from approaching and a system he just doesn’t believe in anymore. He wants to use the time he has left to make a difference with his particular skills and repair the damage he has done to his privacy at the same time. The most dangerous man in the world has become a thug and he knows where all the bodies are buried. Now is the time to take on the REAL monsters …

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