Mother and child medically evacuated to Malta by AFM, Italian Coastguard says

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Tista’ taqra bil-

A mother and her daughter were medically evacuated by the armed forces and brought to Malta on Sunday, the Italian Guardiacostiera announced on Monday evening.

The child was found in a “severely dehydrated state” and needed urgent medical attention.

The news was not announced by the Armed Forces of Malta, but emerged from a press release from its Italian counterparts.

28 asylum seekers have been rescued by Italian authorities after the group was assisted by a Liberian-flagged merchant vessel off the east coast of Libya.

The Liberian-flagged vessel, along with another Italian-flagged merchant vessel, were diverted to the area to assist, after the Italian Coastguard’s operations center spotted the boat in distress while monitoring The area.

The Italian Coastguard said the woman and her daughter were immediately airlifted to Malta, while the rest of the group was transferred to an Italian Coastguard vessel about 80 nautical miles off Syracuse. They were then disembarked at Pozzallo.

No dead bodies were found on the boat the group left Libya on, or in the waters near where they were rescued by the merchant vessel. attempted to contact the Armed Forces of Malta about the matter, however, the AFM spokesperson insisted that any questions be sent in writing.

The AFM sweeps the questions

An AFM spokesperson has confirmed that Malta’s Rescue Coordination Center carried out a medical evacuation of a mother and child from a merchant ship following a request from its Italian counterparts and said: “Both people received emergency medical assistance upon arrival in Malta.”

However, questions about age and claimed nationalities, as well as why no statement has been released on the case, have gone unanswered, despite a second email from this newsroom urging the door- word to clarify.


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