Move over Hawkeye, Pizza Dog could be the real star of the MCU’s new Disney Plus series


The trailers for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Hawkeye streaming show have cultivated a style that seems to divide the difference between Die Hard and Home Alone for a vacation-fueled caper with Clint Barton’s legacy in play. Exciting enough, Marvel Studios has an opportunity to continue its tradition of overturning expectations of the superhero genre with an innovative and entertaining Hawkeye episode – and it all comes down to Pizza Dog.

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What is Pizza Dog? More like who the devil is Pizza Dog.

No, Pizza Dog is not the mascot of the latest Italian fast food restaurant, it is the beloved puppy of none other than Clint Barton, seen in the trailers for Hawkeye.

OK, so his name isn’t really “Pizza Dog” but Lucky, even though it’s a nickname the nicest good boy has earned through his love of anything other than this hotter, cheesy delicacy. delicious.

Yet Pizza Dog is more than just a mascot for Hawkeye. He’s one of Clint and Kate Bishop’s closest friends, and even an ally against the criminal forces seeking them out – and he’s the star of one of the most innovative and acclaimed numbers in the world. review by Matt Fraction and David Aja. Hawkeye: My Gun Life, one of the main inspirations for Hawkeye from Disney Plus.

So if Marvel Studios really wants to capture the true essence of what made Hawkeye’s most beloved comic as groundbreaking and just plain fun as it remains to this day, they could do a lot worse than bend over and put spotlight Pizza Dog for one episode. Here’s why.

Who is Pizza Dog?

Hawkeye page # 11

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Clint Barton adopted Lucky – whose original name was, ironically, Arrow, until Clint decided it was too cute even for him and renamed him – after Lucky saved Clint’s life from an attack of the so called “Tracksuit Mafia” who wishes him dead. Although Lucky saves Clint, he is seriously injured.

After some intensive vet care, Lucky returns home with Clint and Kate, becoming their faithful companion – although he has forged a special bond with Kate Bishop, who has even moved Lucky with her to and from Los Angeles a few times.

2013 he hawk # 11 highlights Lucky amid Clint’s clashes with the “Tracksuit Mafia” gangsters who try to force him out of his apartment building.

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When one of Hawkeye’s neighbors is murdered by the enigmatic assassin known as the Clown (who will likely appear on the show as well), Lucky deals with tracking down the murderer in an issue fully narrated from the dog’s point of view. – down to the way the question is colored and the way the dialogue is presented.

Hawkeye’s story # 11 “Pizza is My Business” feels a bit like an absurd diversion for a superhero comic, focusing on a detective dog rather than the human stars in the title. But building on a penchant for innovative visual storytelling, writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja have come up with a unique and unique number that’s as innovative and exciting as it is cute and a bit kitschy.

As Lucky searches the building for clues, his thought process is represented through a series of images showing what he smells and how he perceives the meaning of each scent.

Coupled with a color scheme that mostly sticks to the blue and purple hues that primarily color a dog’s eyesight (and which appropriately match Hawkeye’s aesthetic), ‘Pizza is My Business’ goes all out to present. an adventure through the eyes of a dog, using the dog’s perception and point of view.

Pizza Dog in the MCU

still from the Hawkeye trailer

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Would “Pizza is My Business” translate directly to Disney Plus’s Hawkeye? It’s hard to say, in that it seems like changing the entire color scheme, sound design, and visual communication of the series could turn out to be a lot more shocking than adding an experimental story to a comic book. In progress.

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But at the same time, given the family nature of Hawkeye’s MCU tale, the series’ vacation attributes, and the sense of humor and heart that permeated the trailers, there may be plenty of room for a slightly simpler version. of the most unique and beloved unique numbers from Marvel Comics.

And of course, we know that, regardless, Clint and Kate’s precious pet Lucky will be on the show – we’ve seen it so much in the trailers and stills. So could the MCU come up with an adaptation of an unlikely fan-favorite comic book issue, in a way that continues the studio’s penchant for twisting genre conventions and incorporating new ideas into cinematic superhero stories? ?

Well, maybe they will, if we’re lucky.

Marvel Studios has shown that they are drawing directly on Hawkeye: My life is a Weapon embracing the comic book themes and aesthetics for the show.


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