Mycroft’s Dangerous Game Graphic Novel, Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Makes Cover Debut


Legendary Comics YA’s next graphic novel Enola Holmes: Mycroft’s Dangerous Game, by author Nancy Springer, written by Mickey George with illustrations by Giorgia Sposito, is heading towards us. Featuring the likeness of Millie Bobby Brown (Godzilla vs. Kong, Strange things) as the bright young Enola, the graphic novel will feature an original story that connects the adventures of the first film with the highly anticipated sequel coming to Netflix.

Pick up where last year’s exceptionally popular film left off, Readers and fans alike will join Sherlock Holmes’ rebellious teenage sister Enola (Henry Cavill) on a thrilling adventure and uncover the new mystery she faces. After a mysterious group of anarchists abduct his brother Mycroft (Sam Claflin), Enola investigates his disappearance in the hopes of saving him and recovering something precious he took from her. With the help of Lord Tewkesbury and a young street boy named Shag, she uncovers the truth behind her brother’s kidnapping and unveils a web of mystery that takes her deep into the London Underground as she tries to thwart the infamous plot of the anarchists!



“We are delighted to expand the world and the story of Enola with an exciting new adventure in our graphic novel from this extremely talented creative team,” said Nikita Kannekanti, Editor-in-Chief of Legendary Comics. Nancy made up a really fun story with lovely new characters and familiar faces returning. Hope fans enjoy solving the mystery with Enola! Springer continued, “It has been a great pleasure to develop this new one. Enola Holmes adventure with such a talented team, and it’s an even greater pleasure to be personally included as a cameo in the graphic novel! Can you find me? ”

Nancy Springer’s Edgar Award nominated book series, The mysteries of Enola Holmes, is comprised of six novels that put a dynamic feminine twist on the world’s greatest sleuth and his brilliant family, and features the thrilling adventures of Enola, a gifted super-sleuth in her own right who often outwits her famous siblings. The first film went on to become one of the most-viewed original Netflix movies of all time with around 77 million households choosing the film in its first four weeks of release. The sequel is currently filming.

Mickey George (Writer) is an American writer and illustrator, whose first graphic novel The heart hunter released from Legendary Comics in August 2021, and working on his steampunk LGBTQ + webcomic The king of trouble. When not writing comics, she works in the library and writes game scripts for visual novel applications. She currently lives in Salt Lake City with two large dogs and way too many pounds.

Giorgia Sposito (artist) is an Italian cartoonist who has worked for several publishers. She started as an inker for IDW Publishing on Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time and Star Trek: Khan. Since then, she has worked as an artist for Zenescope Entertaiment (Charm, the Wonderland series), Titan Comics (Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor series, The Many Lives of Doctor Who, and Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol 1: A New Beginning, and Dynamite Comics (Bettie Page and Apocatéquil ring). In 2019, she worked for Legendary Comics on ‘Carnival Row: Sparrowhawk. She is currently working again with Legendary Comics on Enola Holmes and on a creator-owned project for Vault Comics.

Beloved Teen Super Detective Goes Comedic In Enola Holmes: Mycroft’s Dangerous Game on August 23, 2022. You can watch Enola Holmes on Netflix.


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