New Book by Author Herman Gapour – A Collection of Poems from the Pen of an Inspirational Man


Herman Gapour The golden book of poems is an emotional journey through the life and times of a man who has been through so much along the way. This unique collection of poems offers space for reflection, time for insight, and a powerful message about the deeper meaning of life. It’s a timely, inspiring, and ready-to-read collection for anyone who wants to focus on finding deeper meaning in the ups and downs of life.

“What I really wanted to do was show readers of my work that you can base your life on meaning when you consider the presence of something higher in the world. It’s not about pushing a particular perspective or way of thinking; more about looking at the world and the things it sends us, through a more inspiring lens. I have found that this way of thinking about life has helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. I hope that if only a few people tap into this way of thinking and living, my efforts will have been worthwhile and my time will have been well spent.

It’s a way of thinking about life, but why now?

“The world is still in a state of flux, which we all know from history. But right now I feel like the world is changing at such a rate that it’s become too easy to get lost in the moment. There is so much access to information, so much constant news and a seemingly endless array of networks and contacts. None of this in and of itself is negative, it’s just that it’s all can combine and distract you from what life is really about. For me, life is about thinking through the journey and finding solace in the idea of ​​something, or someone, greater than oneself- same.

And where does he hope this work will take him?

“In many ways, this book began as a passion project that would allow me to see life with greater clarity. Now that I’ve fallen in love with the simple act of putting pen to paper, I’d like to start a discussion with other creatives about what they get out of my work. I hope that by doing this I can raise awareness of the enduring beauty of the written word and the power it has to force us to sit down and think about what life is really about.

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Herman Gapour can be contacted for interviews and oral appearances on the details below. He is also happy to announce that he will be attending the LA Times Festival Books to meet anyone who wants to discuss more of his work.


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