NEWS WATCH: ComiXology Announces Graphic Novel Debut by Writer and Producer Matthew Arnold and Acclaimed Artist Riccardo Burchielli


ComiXology Originals announces Eden,

The first graphic novel by screenwriter and television producer Matthew Arnold

and acclaimed artist Riccardo Burchielli

A riveting sci-fi story from the creator and executive producer of emeraldcity and Siberia and the artist and co-creator of DMZ

Eden arrives digitally from ComiXology Originals in March 2022

and in print from Dark Horse Books July 2022

January 20, 2022—New York, NY / Portland, OR—Matthew Arnold, the creator and executive producer of NBC’s emeraldcity and Siberia, made his comic book debut with Edenwhich is illustrated by acclaimed artist and DMZ co-creator Riccardo Burchielli. Eden is a gripping science fiction story that depicts the lives of escaped convicts, abandoned in a fantasy world. This thought-provoking graphic novel marries Arnolds conceptual storytelling with Burchielli’s stunning illustrations (DMZ, Northlanders, Highway To Hell), with colors by Luca Salce and lettering by Ed Dukeshire. The project is edited by renowned editor Will Dennis. Told in 5 thrilling chapters, Eden debuts on March 29, 2022 from comiXology Originals, the line of exclusive digital content from comiXology, an Amazon company.

Eden is a story of starting over. When a new law declares that convicted criminals must be cryogenically frozen instead of imprisoned, society thinks it has found a more humane way to treat inmates. But when a senator, accused of a horrific crime, is imprisoned under this new system, she will face a bizarre and chilling reality unlike anything she could imagine.

“At the heart of this story is an exploration of forgiveness and redemption,” says Arnold. “In our world of social media/insta-news, we can often make snap judgments in the court of public opinion about a person, often on the worst day of their life. The question the novel poses is whether true forgiveness can ever be achieved. And do we judge people on their passs or their present?”

In the graphic novel, two convicts, senator Anna Croft and her sheriff husband, Ben, are sentenced to twenty-five years to life in a newly built cryogenic correctional facility for a crime they claim to have committed.t commit. Due to a malfunction, however, Anna, Ben, and a few others are accidentally released. Once freed, the escapees discover that they have been frozen for thousands of years and are the sole survivors of a catastrophic future, where prehistoric creatures once again roam the Earth. Given a second chance, the fugitives are forced to create a new society and must decide whether or not to free the rest of the imprisoned criminals in order to survive. Under Anna’s guidance, can these “bad seeds” really sow a new and better world, or are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of mankind’s checkered history?

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Dark Horse, the legendary comic book publisher of titles including black hammer, Hellboy, city ​​of sin and the Umbrella Academywill publish Eden first printed July 12, 2022.

About the writer:

Matthew Arnold is best known as the creative mind behind the NBC fantasy drama emeraldcitywhich he created and produced as a dark reimagining of The Wizard of Oz. He is also known for creating and presenting the NBC mystery/adventure series Siberia, on which he was also an executive producer and director. He made his debut as a director and screenwriter of shadow people, a true horror story. Arnold is currently the creator, executive producer, and showrunner of Revenge Inc., an original series in development at Netflix with Dark Horse Entertainment.

About the artist:

Burchielli started his career in 1997, with a story by Desdy Metus and later worked for Ediperiodici. From 2003, he illustrated three stories for John Doe. In 2005 he co-created DMZ which was recently turned into an HBO television series. In 2007 he received the prestigious Gran Guinigi Award for Best Artist at Lucca Comics & Games.

In 2010, he was one of the founding members of Italian Job Studio, a creative collective active in the field of television and cross-media production. The same year, his works were exhibited at the Citstar dell’Architecture in Paris as part of the Archi & BD exhibition, alongside those of masters such as Moebius, Bilal, Lorenzo Mattotti, Winsor McCay and Frank Miller. In 2014, he worked on Highway To Hell, a two-time Ghastly Award-winning horror miniseries nominated for the prestigious Bram Stoker Awards, written by Victor Gischler and Boosta. While collaborating with Sergio Bonelli Editore on Dylan Dog, in recent years he has put his skills as a storyteller at the service of brands such as Ferrari and BMW Motorrad and as a character designer for cinema and video games.

About comiXology:

Comixology, a, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), is a revolutionary cloud-based digital comics service. With content from over 125 publishers as well as thousands of independent creators from around the world, comiXology provides an unparalleled library of comics, graphic novels, manga, and comics.starare. The companyBest-in-class innovations include Guided View technology, which delivers an immersive, cinematic reading experience, and a new monthly subscription service. ComiXology is based in New York, with operations in Seattle and Los Angeles. Follow the company on Twitter, Facebook and instagram.

“Cryogenically frozen prisoners awaken to find themselves in a strange and deadly future? EdenThe premise of is so fun and brilliant that I wish I had thought of it myself! Corn Eden is more than a fantasy concept, Arnold and Burchielli have crafted a gripping sci-fi epic, an adventure story, a cutting mystery, and a poignant drama about forgiveness and redemption, all wrapped into one masterful tale. One of the most impressive debuts of the year! “-Scott Snyder (Batman, we have demons)

“A thought-provoking tale of morality and human nature, EDEN twists and turns your expectations until the very end.” –Jock (Batman, the snow angels)

“Amazing artwork from Burchielli and Salce, and a strong, meaty sci-fi concept from Arnold. Worth your time. –Curt Pires (Wyrd, Youth)

“Arnold and Burchielli have created a compelling world that challenges truth, morality and even reality through alluring characters and gorgeous illustrations. The many twists of Eden will prevent you from writing history.

–Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn, we only kill each other)

NEWS WATCH: ComiXology Originals announces Eden, the debut graphic novel by screenwriter and television producer Matthew Arnold and acclaimed artist Riccardo Burchielli


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