NEWS WATCH: THE MAGIC ORDER Third Story Arc kicks off in July!


Superstar writer Mark Millar launches the third volume of his bestselling horror series with artistic genius Gigi Cavenago (Batman), The Magical Order 3 #1. This six-issue story arc will debut by Image Comics in July.

“I originally made The Magic Order as a TV series on Netflix, but I convinced the guys to let me do a comic too and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” Milar said. “I’ve been doing this job since I was nineteen and it’s my personal favorite job. I also had the chance to work with the best artists in the industry here, spoiled with Olivier Coipel and Stuart Immonen on the first two volumes, now the Italian stallion Gigi Cavenago on the third. I want to try to get volume four out before the show airs live so that there are four deals on the shelves when it launches. So far, so good!”

So far, readers have met the American and British members of the Magical Order. Now is the time to meet the Asian chapter, including a shiny new major player in Netflix’s upcoming live-action show, Sammy Liu. This number will be a huge collector’s item.

Millar has already teased the art for this third volume which you can check out here:

Cavenago’s main cover for issue #1 is below:

Magic Order 3 #1 will be available at comic book stores Wednesday, July 27:

  • Blanket A by Cavenago – Diamond Code MAY220044
  • Blanket B by Cavenago B&W – Diamond code MAY220045
  • Blanket C by Tocchini – Diamond code MAY220046
  • Cover D by Blank Sketch Cover – Diamond Code MAY220047

Magic Order 3 #1 will also be available for purchase on many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books and Google Play.

NEWS WATCH: THE MAGIC ORDER Third Story Arc kicks off in July!

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