Nick Rodger: A moment of reflection for the golf which writes the great Jock MacVicar before the Open


Celebrating the bawdy seaside postcards that inspired the Carry On movies, the columnist took a quick visit to the late Charles Hawtrey’s Deal house en route to another day of comedic antics at The Open.

Hawtrey, an extravagant perennial from the Carry On franchise, moved to 117 Middle Street in 1968 and, according to his biography, “would make an eccentric figure in the small town, becoming well known for strolling along the waterfront in extravagant clothes and waving. happily to the fishermen. Looks like the columnist walks into the media center.

It was a morning of reflection for the Association of Golf Writers as we held our AGM. It was the first since the death of our dear colleague and dean Jock MacVicar.

In 2018, Jock, a member of AGW for more than 50 years, was sworn in as president of the association, but was never one to be a fan. “Any objections to the appointment? »Declared the president of the time. “Yes… me,” laughed a reluctant Jock.

The merry bunch of golf scribblers on site this week are drastically diminished due to Covid-19 restrictions. In a normal year, the media center would be as crowded as Noah’s ark. He would probably also have a similar smell.

A man still here is veteran journalist John Whitbread. Forty years ago, in 1981, John helped Bill Rogers triumph at St George’s.

Rogers was on the practice green when John informed him he should be on the first tee. “If John hadn’t told me I would have been disqualified,” Rogers said. “Instead, I kept winning.”

John is still waiting for his share of the winnings.


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