Nightmare neighbor called man a “sex worker” in bogus fundraising request in ongoing feud


Grant Harris, 26, admitted to being harassed after contacting real estate agents and asking for car financing on behalf of his neighbor after a border dispute turned sour in Stoke-on-Trent

Grant Harris was fined after admitting to harassing his neighbor

A nightmare neighbor described a man as a “sex worker” in a bogus fundraising application after a dispute over a boundary between their homes became unpleasant.

Grant Harris, 26, listed his neighbor on a home sales website, which meant he was bombarded with calls from real estate agents.

Harris also made a bogus online auto finance application on behalf of the victim, claiming her neighbor’s occupation was a “sex worker.”

He admitted his actions amounted to harassment from his neighbor, Stoke-on-Trent Live Reports.

Magistrates at the North Staffordshire Justice Center have learned that Harris and the victim were embroiled in a long-standing dispute over the boundary between their Werrington homes before the incidents last November.

Harris was fined by magistrates at the North Staffordshire Justice Center


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Prosecutor Emma Thompson said, “The dispute is still ongoing. On November 13, the injured party was contacted by various real estate agents who informed him that he wanted to sell his property online on Zoopla. This was not the case.

“He also got a call about a car loan he had applied for, but he hadn’t contacted that company either.

“The funding request was £ 2,395. Fortunately, this was stopped and no money came out. The request was made on November 14. The victim’s profession had been given as a sex worker.

“Both claims were filed by this defendant. The victim’s email address was used, which had only been shared with a small number of people, including this defendant, in reference to the border dispute.

“The victim will say that he is a financial trader, for whom he needs a clean credit report. He said that the applications caused him a lot of stress.

Forklift driver Harris pleaded guilty to non-violent harassment. He has no previous convictions.

Mitigating Angela Trafford said: “He’s a 26-year-old man with no previous conviction who suddenly behaves in a way that is completely out of his character. He shows significant remorse, but tells the court that it was because of the way he feels the injured party behaved towards him.

“He admits he was angry and at that point he wanted to cause some distress to the injured party. He bitterly regrets his actions.

“Mr. Harris wants to put up a fence on his property because he has two dogs. He will say that on every occasion the injured party has put obstacles in the way to prevent it from doing so. “

Judges fined Harris £ 300 and ordered him to pay an additional £ 169 in court costs and charges.

Joanne Fox, chair of the bench, told him, “With neighborhood conflicts, rational thinking can go out the window. It’s got out of hand, and all of a sudden you, a man of good character, come before us today.

“From what we’ve heard, it’s likely the two men probably didn’t behave as well as they could have, but you’ve gone too far. You made a bad decision.

“We think this has been a wake-up call for you.”


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